Benefits of Cherry holder

Benefits of Cherry holder


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Cherry is the fruit of rich fruit nutrients, fiber, and vitamins; Such as vitamin C, potassium, and minerals important to the health of the body, and is low in calories ratio, also containing phenol compounds that are found in sour cherries by more than sweet cherries, which is rich in antioxidants important; Which have a role in getting rid of free radicals caused by oxidative damage, and there are multiple types of cherry up to a hundred species, but the sweet cherry, sour of the most common species; And consumed fresh or used in cooking or baking, can get cherry juice extracted from many types of cherries, but are usually made of sour cherry, black cherry or sweet; And in order to contain health benefits, and can help to treat many health problems. [1] [2]

Benefits of Cherry holder

The cherry fruit rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C, also contains antioxidants; Such as: anthocyanin, and Alcaortanat; Which may contribute to the prevention of infection with many diseases, but there are no studies on the benefits of cherries for pregnant women in particular, or the importance of eating during this period, in contrast it has a cherry in general many health benefits, including the following: [3] [4] [5 ]

  • Anti-gout: it is gout from diseases affecting the joints, causing painful inflammation, and therefore conducted some studies on the effect of cherry in this disease, and found that eating half a cup of cherry; Or the equivalent of two tablespoons of cherry juice daily can help reduce the risk of this disease, and in another study conducted on people suffering from gout, was given cherries a day for a month, noted a decrease in the proportion of reactive protein; Which is one of the signs of the presence of inflammation.
  • Relieve muscle pain: as many studies have shown that eating 50 to 270 tablets of cherries per day has led to a decrease in muscle pain, and pain resulting from exercise, and loss of strength; And in order to contain active compounds active body.
  • Regulate the level of sugar: the researchers found that cherry consumption daily by diabetics can help to improve absorption, regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Lower blood pressure: as a study of 13 young men, and a great age they have high blood pressure levels, showing when eating a single dose of cherry; Which are equivalent to Cuba and a quarter of it that blood pressure has dropped dramatically in just two hours.
  • Improve sleep, mood and cognitive performance: It has cherry ability to improve the quality and quantity of sleep, and demonstrated some studies that can these fruits can improve sleep after consumption in just three days, as it can help sweet cherry to improve mood, reduce cortisol; Which is one of the signs of tension and anxiety in some people, but for the performance of cognitive Veugd a few studies that demonstrate its impact on the performance of mental functions, but it may improve cognitive function when some.
  • Treatment of infections: the study was conducted on people with inflammatory diseases; Such as: heart disease, stroke, autoimmune disorders, showing reduced vital indicators associated with these diseases when eating the sweet cherry for a month.
  • Treatment of Cough: It found some evidence that the use of the bark of the cherry can contribute to the treatment of cough; Because it contains compounds called glycosides; Which helps to reduce the symptoms of cough, can also have a calming effect of this fruit, but must be dealt with appropriate doses. [6]

The nutritional value of cherries

The following table shows the nutrients found in 100 grams of sweet cherry: [7]

Holder useful fruit

Must during pregnancy that women deal with adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables; Because they contain essential nutrients useful, rich in fiber, which must be part of their diet, and the share of the pregnant women of fruit cups, while vegetables are three cups a day, so as to get what you need pregnant nutrition during pregnancy, and is fresh addressed of the best options to contain all the nutritional benefits, [8] the most useful fruits that must be addressed during pregnancy comes: [9]

  • Apricot: the apricot contains many important nutrients for the growth of the child; Where is rich in vitamin A, C, potassium, phosphorus, and beta-carotene, and iron; Which helps to prevent the occurrence of anemia, while calcium helps bone growth and healthy teeth.
  • Orange: the orange is a rich source of vitamin C, water, and folate, which can help vitamin C increase the body's iron absorption, prevention of damage to cells, but for folate hath a significant role in reducing the risk of neural tube defects; Which causes deformities in children.
  • Banana: the banana contains large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, is also considered high-fiber fruits; Which may help reduce constipation associated with pregnancy, and can help vitamin B6 to relieve nausea, vomiting morning that occurs during pregnancy.
  • Apple: as one of the studies have been conducted on the impact of the apple, and the usefulness of the pregnant woman and the fetus, and found that it can reduce the child's risk of asthma, allergies, as these fruits are rich in vitamins; Which helps the growth of the fetus; Such as potassium, vitamin A, and c.
  • Mango: It is mango rich in vitamin C fruits, Wa, as one cup eating it is equivalent to 100% of the alternatives recommended for people of vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin deficiency leads A. When pregnant women reduce HIV in children, and increased risk of infection post-natal complications; Such as infections of the respiratory system.
  • Avocado: as it is one of the delicious fruits, which contain important vitamins; Such as vitamin C, folate, potassium, and vitamin B 6; Which helps to increase and improve the growth of the child, the brain, and helps reduce the nausea that affects pregnant, but must pay attention to that of rich fruit fat, and calories; Therefore, eating should be in moderation, and appropriate quantities. [10]


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