Benefits of Black Teen

Benefits of Black Teen


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Black Teen

Different color crust figs such as green light, purple, or purple light or dark, or black, according to the genetic pattern which leads to the different content of vital active compounds, [1] The fig-rich fruit in nutrients and antioxidants, it is also rich in fiber also may give one share of figs 20% of the recommended daily value, and the longer this amount more than the quantity that can be provided by a single share of any other fruit, although considered a fruit, but it is in fact closed flower itself, and is the only fruit that ripen on the tree. [2] [3]

It can be eaten fresh or cooked figs but often eaten blow-dry; And through the removal of the content of the fruit of the water using drying methods, causing shrinking its size while retaining its content of calories and nutrients, [4] [5] and spread the fig trees in the tropical country and sub-tropical, and extends his native country from Turkey to northern India, where there are fruit in many Middle Eastern countries, while the United States is, Turkey, Greece, Spain first product Tin-dried, and is available fresh figs in the month of July to September, while the dried figs shall still on year-round. [2] [3]

Benefits of Black Teen

Most of the references that talk about the benefits of healthy fig species itself black does not belong to two agencies, has many benefits, like other kinds of figs, whether fresh or blow-dry, including the following: [2]

  • Helping to lose weight: eating figs as recommended for people suffering from obesity as it is a rich source of fiber, which can contribute to weight loss, but it should not be a lot of it being at the same time, a rich source of calories.
  • Contribute to the control of diabetes: It helps the high content of fiber figs on it, in addition to the content of potassium helps regulate sugar absorption after heavy meals, as some studies have shown the effectiveness of fig leaves in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce cholesterol level: where figs contain biodegradable fibers such as pectin, which helps to put cholesterol from the body, improve bowel movement.
  • Prevention of heart disease: where dried figs contains large amounts of omega-3 and omega -6, and phenol, which helps to reduce the likelihood of the incidence of these diseases.
  • Reduce oxidative stress: the fig extract contains antioxidant levels of antioxidants regulate fatty acids and vitamin E in the blood.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis: to being a source of calcium botanically well. [6]
  • Improve skin health: where is the figs good source of many vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to maintaining the body's health in general, including the skin. [6]
  • Maintain healthy hair: as some studies have shown that many of the nutrients found in figs contribute to maintaining healthy hair, and these elements: zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins, as well as Viamin c. [6]
  • Treatment of constipation: where dried figs contain a good amount of fiber and has the effect Melina. [7]
  • Help prevent high blood pressure: where fig contains a high amount of potassium and does not contain sodium. [8]

The nutritional value of the Black Tin

The following table shows the content of a grain of medium figs weigh 50 grams of nutrients: [9]

Damage Black Teen

Despite the many benefits of figs, but it may adversely affect some people and these effects: [6]

  • Increased blood clotting: where the fig contains high amounts of vitamin K, which is Mkhthera normal blood, which may affect people who consume drugs or dilute the blood anticoagulants.
  • Diarrhea: the fig has the effect of laxatives and can eat large amounts of it leads to diarrhea in some people, which may be recommended to avoid consumption.
  • Allergy: as the people with allergic to latex rubber berries and figs Alnjamina may be exposed to injury allergic reaction from figs. [10]
  • The feeling of burning or pain in the tongue: This occurs when eating large amounts of fresh figs, fig milk to contain enzymes for digestive Albptidaz proteins. [7]
  • Possibility of infection and bleeding in the digestive system: it can extract figs cause when some people especially if taken in large quantities. [10]
  • The possibility of reducing the level of sugar in surgical operations: which may lead to some concerns about the inability to control the sugar level during and after surgical operations. [10]
  • The incidence of tooth decay: as most of dried fruits including figs are rich in sugar and sticky texture which may lead to adhesion teeth and cracks, leaving a lot of sugar, which increases the probability of decay; It is therefore recommended washing the mouth and brushing teeth and use of dental floss. [11]


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