Benefits of bitter skin and acne

Benefits of bitter skin and acne


  • 1 Murr
  • 2 benefits of bitter skin and acne
  • 3 blends bitter skin and acne 3.1 bitter tahini liquid 3.2 bitter, starch, rose water 3.3 bitter solution 3.4 chamomile and bitter 3.5 bitter white flour
  • 3.1 bitter tahini liquid
  • 3.2 bitter, starch, rose water
  • 3.3 bitter solution
  • 3.4 chamomile and bitter
  • 3.5 bitter white flour


Murr is a liquor produced by the branches of bitter trees with a height of about three meters, which is composed of a mixture resinous materials, adhesives and oil pilot, and is obtained through the offending stalks bitter tree, spread cultivation in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and North Africa, has been used in ancient medicine and the many multiple benefits, and we will discuss our topic in the benefits of bitter skin and acne.

Benefits of bitter skin and acne

  • Limits the appearance of impurities is characterized by numerous bitter its benefits, which prevents the appearance of impurities on the face, and be dark circles around the eyes, and is working to unify the color of the skin.
  • It resists the symptoms of premature aging: Helps bitter remove wrinkles and lines in the face, and works to fight premature aging.
  • Prevents the appearance of acne: The bitter antiseptic for the skin, helps to reduce the appearance of pimples and acne, and helps to close the pores of the face, and prevents the accumulation of impurities and which stimulate acne.
  • It opens the color of the skin and Awhitha.

Blends bitter skin and acne

Murr and tahini liquid

Mix a teaspoon of bitter, and a large spoon of liquid tahini with each other, and Ndhn facial mixture after that, and leave it for a quarter of an hour, then Ngzle lukewarm water, and according to this mixture in lightening the color of the skin.

Bitter, starch, rose water

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of rose water, and a half teaspoon of starch, and a quarter teaspoon each of honey and bitter ground even made up our dough, and put them on the skin then for twenty minutes, then Ngzlea with lukewarm water. This is a mixture of mixtures task in lightening the face.

Bitter solution

Melt a quarter of a cup of bitter ground in a cup of water well until the water becomes the color of brown with a note that it will be left at the bottom of the cup residue which is called bitter paste, and then brush the presence of acne saline areas, and take the bitter paste and put it on the only grain, and leave it for longer as long as possible before washing.

Chamomile and bitter

Keep in bottle a bunch of bitter, add to the lukewarm water until it is filled, and then publish the amount of a handful of chamomile flowers, and mix the ingredients together, and leave it for a day so full brewing RFID, then Ngams a piece of cotton in the batter and we pass on the six times the face daily, where this mixture is useful in the treatment of blackheads and acne.

Bitter white flour

Confuse the amount of bitter ground with a little water and add little to rose water, white flour and mix well, and then put the mixture on the skin, and leave it to dry completely, then wash with warm scrubbing with water, and advised not to use soap, and the benefit of this mixture in unify the color of the skin, and removing impurities.


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