Benefits of bitter almonds

Benefits of bitter almonds

Bitter almonds

It is the almond of the most famous Asian plants, especially in the Mediterranean white areas, including Turkey, Greece, and Russia, as well as some Arab areas, especially the Levant, especially Syria and Lebanon, and ignorant of many of the people the benefits back by the use of bitter almond oil, which is extracted from it specifically on human health, where there is a common belief indicates that the oil that is extracted and obtained from almond passes is a substance purely toxic may cause death from the premise that the almond itself contains in its composition cyanide acid, can not be denied this belief or say that he is wrong completely, because it depends on the way we use and we dealt with him, where he is a double-edged sword, and eating more than ten pills leads to many serious complications, and is used medically in the treatment of external problems usually, and prohibits people to do taking it in the form of food, and we'll talk it extensively in this article.

Benefits of bitter almonds

In the composition of almonds contains many acidic elements is saturated, and protein, as well as some important vitamins on top of vitamin B various levels, as well as vitamin A, and some mineral salts including phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron, as well as sodium, making it a source many health benefits are as follows:

  • The walls of cells operating in the fruits of almonds to absorb a large amount of fat in its composition, which inhibits the body's absorption of fat, and thus is considered a few calories, making it a useful few reasonable quantities to get rid of the fat problem accumulated and obesity, as well as is a solution to the problems of indigestion being It helps to put toxins out of the body.
  • If taken in reasonable quantities would benefit the health of the nerves, and works to activate the work of the various functions, being very rich natural phosphorus.
  • Is one of the best treatments used since ancient times to treat the problem of fever, thanks to contain elements and compounds alkaline bitter, working to reduce the growth and development of bacteria infection, parasites, various viruses, which cause the reduction of the rate of fever.
  • It uses a different repellent intestinal worms, taking care to eat moderate amounts and avoid over it.
  • It contains many elements of anti-virus, especially the hydrogen cyanide and the element of benzaldehyde, where these toxic elements are working to kill the bacteria and viruses as well as fungi.
  • It can be used analgesic and anesthetic for many aches, being directly affects the nerves, while avoiding swallowing for this purpose, which is recommended to use a local residence over the areas of pain from the outside.

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