Benefits of Argan Oil

Benefits of Argan Oil


  • 1 moisturizing skin
  • 2 peeling skin
  • 3 acne treatment
  • 4 Anti-Aging
  • 5 get beautiful hair
  • 6 nail treatment
  • 7 disease prevention
  • 8 References

Skin moisturizing

Is argan moisturizer for the skin oil, and styled anti-aging, and the appearance of wrinkles, by putting one drop of it on the skin and Tdena it, and put another drop under the eyes, which helps to keep this sensitive area moist, because it contains vitamin A, E, which help in moisturizing the skin, so absorbed by the skin rapidly, leaving it oily residue. [1]

Peeling skin

That mix a little brown sugar with some drops of argan oil, then rub the face with a circular motion for four minutes, especially dry areas, and prone dramatically acne, then wash the face with warm water, which helps the peeling process in getting rid of skin cells dead, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and thus this gives the skin a smaller age, is not limited to the use of this oil in the face peeling, but it is possible to use it for the feet and the Huskers protect them from dehydration. [1]

Acne Treatment

Creams chemical may be used to treat acne somewhat expensive, and cause long-term damage to the skin's health, so that the use of natural materials better, although the presence of linoleic acid high in argan oil prevents inflammation causing the appearance of acne, and helps to calm the cells face affected, and thus works to combat acne, due to its antioxidant properties and also bacteria and viruses. [1]


Use argan oil since the old anti-aging, maintain the elasticity of the skin, according to a study of participants who are in menopause, so it is advisable to apply it directly to the skin. [2]

Get beautiful hair

It helps to get rid of curly hair and keep it Vda, and also promotes hair growth. [1]

Nail treatment

Where treatment is ideal for nails, by placing the point of it all Azfar and rubbed well, then wash nails well, it helps in wet survival and maintain. [1]

Disease prevention

Since the introduction in food intake helps protect against many diseases, in order to contain antioxidant properties. [3]


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