Benefits of almond oil

Benefits of almond oil

Almond is a kind of nuts that contain a very great benefit, and spread almonds all over the world and large proportions is grown in the Levant and Turkey. Featuring wonderful almond Bozharh and blooming almond plant at the beginning of spring. There are two types of almonds including what is sweet, some of which is a bitter taste is unpalatable. Almond Kmaxrat is used, it is also used for decoration in food, and extracted from the oil, and the oil is extracted from both types: sweet, bitter. The almond oil oils scented aromatic (aromatic), which is a light yellow color.

Sweet almond oil

This oil is extracted from the sweet almond beans taste, and contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, it contains many minerals, and often uses sweet almond oil are foreign parts; Like poetry, eyelashes, skin, and has many benefits.

Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil

  • It is recommended when doing massage to the body or a massage that is used sweet almond oil during the massage process, because it contains a large proportion of important vitamins and minerals to the body, which is absorbed through the skin, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, and fits almond oil All types of oily and dry skin.
  • Use almond oil for hair lead to the strengthening of the scalp and treats itching hair, relieves dandruff, gives hair shine and reduces hair loss and treats damaged hair, increases hair and the length of the intensity, after the completion of the bathroom you made several drops of almond oil on your hands, and rub your scalp with oil, and it can be used twice a week.
  • Oil face is used, and facial massage by delaying the appearance of wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and makes it soft, and reduces the effects of dark circles, and opens the pores, and are advised to massage the face with daily before sleep, and fat lips from him give her a color rosy and prevents the cracking of the lips.
  • It works to give skin color white, open color, and softens the color of dark skin, and it can be used Kmask face is prepared by: put a teaspoon of honey, milk dry, a few drops of lemon juice, teaspoon of sweet almond oil, and when these mixing components results in our mask is placed on the face of (10-15 minutes), and then the face wash with water; This is where the catcher works on skin-lightening and remove blackheads.
  • For women who adored the long and intense eyelashes, I advise you to replace mascara painted lashes sweet almond oil a day, which works to increase the length of eyelashes and increases its density, giving it shine, because it contains magnesium and a range of vitamins.

Bitter almond oil

Bitter almond oil is extracted from the bitter taste of almond kernels, and spread the bitter almond heavily in Iran, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, and has several benefits.

Benefits of bitter almond oil

  • It is used to alleviate the fever that affects the body.
  • It can be used to kill the worms, which consists in the stomach, so by drinking a small amount but after consulting a specialist.
  • It works to slow the growth of malignant cancer cells, and thus it reduces the incidence of cancer.
  • Of the best types of oils that are used to generate urine.


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