Benefits of air Cassatt for men

Benefits of air Cassatt for men


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The cupping or the so-called air Bkasat of prophetic medicine, which are many schools and institutes of various day taught important folk remedy used to treat many diseases and health problems, it is not new, but it is three thousand years ago, it has been confirmed by the Prophet peace be upon him and am back in many hadith, indicating a large body of medical benefits, the Messenger of Allah said peace be upon him: (to represent what Tdaoeetm by cupping), [1] in this article we will address to talk about the benefits of Cassatt air for men. [2]

Mechanism of action of air Cassatt

The working principle of air Cassatt blood pull rotten from the body, which leads to infection with many diseases, where a glass cup wide taken abdomen and a narrow mouth, and the size of the average, you know Bamahgmh, then burn a little cotton or a piece of paper inside until relieved of them full air by heat, and placed on the skin, where sticks to the skin by the closest arbitrator, Vingzb blood strongly attraction, then swells the skin reddens and Atqubb, and keep these glasses long enough on the skin to prevent the mixing of this amount of bad blood with the blood circulation. [ 3]

Benefits of air Cassatt for men

Learn the most important benefits of air Cassatt for men: [4]

  • It protects against hardening of the arteries micro and large veins, and stimulate blood circulation, get rid of the corrupt blood.
  • Active energy pathways, and reduce the idle body.
  • Excite places reactions internal organs of the body, which increases the brain's attention to a member of the injured, and gives the appropriate orders to the various body organs in order to take the necessary.
  • Absorb toxins and the effects of harmful drugs from the body, which is present in the blood between the muscles and skin clusters, which are made by jotting light on the skin.
  • Address gynecological, Kinsev uterus, infections, menstrual cramps, and get rid of sciatica.
  • Enhance the body's immunity and help in the lymph veins Teslic, and lymph nodes.
  • Strengthen hair follicles and increase the intensity and length of men.
  • Relieve pressure on the nerves, and raise the proportion of natural morphine in the body and get rid of muscular tension, and gout.
  • Active senses of the body Kalmkh, speech, hearing, and memory.
  • Regulate the body's hormones, and activate glands, and raise the pressure on the nerves.
  • Absorb excess acids in the body, and reduce the proportion of urea in the blood, and protects against strokes, and get rid of the ratio of bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • Address erectile dysfunction, and get rid of the numbness of the legs, diseases of hemorrhoids, and kidney.
  • Get rid of the digestive system disorders, Kalamsak and indigestion.
  • Improved mental state, get rid of anxiety, and depression.


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