Benefits of acid Shapers

Benefits of acid Shapers


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Acid is a type of known fruits Btamha acid and delicious, and examples of them: lemon, orange, and acid for many uses Apart from being a kind of delicious fruit can be used to make different juices, as added to different cocktails, and also enters the acid in the work mixes cakes and various desserts, and the acid's ability to lose weight, and melt the fat and especially acid lemon. In this article we will talk about the lemon and his ability to lose weight.

Lemon and Fitness

Lemon many health benefits, has proven its ability to burn and melt the fat, and the following are some of the benefits of access to health agility and body fat-free:

  • Lemon rid of the fat and grease accumulated in the body, which causes the appearance of belly, buttocks and thighs filled and flabby, and helps to get rid of them quickly and effectively and in a secure manner, away from the damage that can be caused by chemical preparations are expensive, it is food item available and cheap.
  • Rid of the toxins accumulated in the body, which are the cause of obesity, and many other health ailments.
  • It works to relax the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels.

Diet Lemon

You can add lemon to a lot of food covered by the human, such as salad and various foods, in addition lemon to these foods will work after a period to give the body agility, and will help to solve the problems of the rumen and buttocks, as it will prevent the occurrence of bloating disturbing to many people.

You can drink a large glass of water added to the ginger, lemon juice, preferably delay breakfast for 40 minutes; To enable the body to take advantage of this combination, you can also use lemon in the work of a mixture another component of cumin and lemon, so by bringing added water to cumin, and add slices of lemon and let this drink the whole night to soak well, drink a day on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Option lemon drink to melt belly fat

This drink is defined as a drink Sassi; Relative to Cynthia SAS who attended this drink the first time; Because of its ability to download 4 kg of body weight and reduce waist circumference to 10 cm, by drinking it for 4 consecutive days, and can be prepared with ease at home. Citric acid and enters in his work primarily, and to do this we need to drink a lemon, ginger and grated, fresh mint leaves, bead option, eight cups, and half a cup of fresh water.

How to prepare:

  • Wash lemons well, cut into Nsfinn and remove the seeds from them.
  • Lemon divided into thin and thin slices without peel, and place it in water for 5 hours.
  • Peeling cucumber and cut into slices, then add it to the water.
  • Taking fresh mint leaves and add them to the water.
  • Peeling ginger and add it to the water, then stir the mixture well, and place it in the refrigerator the whole night, and can drink this drink a day when feeling thirsty.


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