Benefits Marjoram Shapers

Benefits Marjoram Shapers


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  • 3.1 degree of safety
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The marjoram of perennial plants, and is characterized by its leaves Bmlmsha velvety soft, and ranging in color from green, residential, belongs to the same species to which it belongs Oregano, but it tastes lighter, sweeter, [1] It should be noted that the herb marjoram and extracts have a strong active anti-oxidant. [2]

Is Marjoram useful for slimming

One food from the herb marjoram spoon contains 5 calories only, comes mostly from carbohydrates in the form of fiber and sugar normal, but this herb is not a primary source of any of the carbohydrate, or sugar, or fiber, [3] has indicated a study published in the Journal of International Journal of Advanced Research in 2017 that dealt with marjoram may contribute to the process of weight loss, [4] and used marjoram usually form of fresh leaves, or dried in many recipes, [5] where they can be added to soups, or meat, or use as an accessory to the authorities, as can be consumed on the form of tea, or extract, [6] it should be noted that there is no one solution can eliminate the problem of weight gain, [7] as the process of the descent of the weight in a healthy way you need to calorie control accurately, increasing aerobic exercise. [8]

For more information about the benefits of Marjoram You can read an article that the benefits of the herb marjoram.

Damage marjoram

Degree of safety

Eating Marjoram is often moderate quantities is safe, while potentially addressing its safety drug quantities for a short time, but for pregnant women it is not likely Tnolhn safety has medicinal quantities; Because it may lead to stimulate the menstrual cycle and thus exposing the pregnancy risk, and there is insufficient information about security used for nursing degree; So it is advisable to avoid eating during the period of breastfeeding, it should be noted that it is likely not taking safety for children; So it is also advisable to avoid giving it to them. [9]

Warning Use

  • Low speed blood clotting: may result in eating food supplements containing marjoram to reduce the speed of the process of blood clotting, this may pose a risk to those who are undergoing treatment with anti-clotting. [6]
  • Sensitivity: may result in the use of the herb marjoram to the appearance of the people allergic reaction who are allergic to the species Alhvujat such as peppermint, lavender, basil and oregano. [3]

Video about the benefits of the herb marjoram

To learn about the benefits of the herb marjoram Watch the video. [10]


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