Benefits Drenched dried figs

Benefits Drenched dried figs


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Dried figs

It is good to health awareness among people increases every day has increased interest in healthy eating and integrated search for dietary supplements from natural sources, eg the use of dried, whether figs normal form or soaked overnight and taken in the morning with its water, Ovaltine fruits known as many of its benefits because of The presence of vitamins, proteins, sugars, minerals and fiber ratios are good, and the figs are very important for building bones to the presence of phosphorus, iron and calcium in it, which is the body extending necessary for the presence of a high amount of vitamins powered (a) and (b) and (c) and other vitamins that gain body energy and vitality.

Benefits of dried figs

Featuring dried figs that holds all the nutritional value of the existing Baltin fresh with the advantage is that it can be provided for throughout the year, it contains minerals, vitamins and all the elements that the body gives energy, as it is characterized as rich in potassium, which maintains blood pressure, and things really distinctive in Dried figs are the amount of useful materials that provide the body with them, especially when soaked with hot water throughout the night after cutting the fruits of figs dry quarters before soaking.

Benefits Drenched Teen

After leaving figs soaked in hot water throughout the night our produce what is known as Bmenkua figs, which will be ready for use at any time after you save it in a clean, dry bowl, preferably the amount of a cup of it in the morning on an empty stomach eating, with eating cut figs also to treat some diseases for many benefits including:

  • Drenched figs used to increase the weight and get rid of excess weight also, in the case was taken before breakfast by about half an hour it stimulates fat burning process, and therefore weight loss overload, while in the case of eating this soaked with sweeten with honey three times a day with a meal will increase weight , but it is very important to use it for about two months to show results.
  • This kneaded is very useful for pregnant women in particular; Because it is an easy way to get vitamins and minerals, also has a taste delicious and everyone accepts it.
  • This Marinated helps to get rid of infections of the respiratory system, and some of the diseases that endure as it also expels phlegm when taken twice a day, morning and evening.
  • This is a warm Marinated eating in winter periods provide the body with warmth, energy and protect him feeling tired and inactivity.
  • Addresses this chronic cough Marinated cases.
  • Softens the intestine in the case was taken on an empty stomach.
  • The body heals from aches and chest pains and helps to get rid of the diseases that endure.
  • The body gives the feeling of fullness for long periods.
  • It expands the arteries and protects it from stroke in the event of pollutants to take it.
  • It kills bacteria and fungi in the body.
  • Body vitamin D extends.

Video modus operandi of dried figs salad

To learn more information about the modus operandi of dried figs authority watched the video.


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