Benefits boiled pomegranate peel

Benefits boiled pomegranate peel

Are white, red and beautiful flowers tree, turn into the fruits of its taste delicious scarlet or yellow skin reddish, and consists of this fruit is the cover of hundreds of grain water bright red or white, and within each grain of seed may be solid or soft depending on the quality and variety, on the other hand up high the tree to about 6 meters, and be branches pendulous, and there in the limbs thorns, and their branches and leaves almost tend to red, red flowers light color and beautiful shape and distinctive, and falling leaves in the autumn, which makes them non-evergreen.

Many recent scientific studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice has many benefits, as it concludes the body of toxins, and treats inflammation of the stomach, diarrhea, headache, nature where treasures are countless, not man takes into account the interest, since he does not know what out of a medical treatment a secret, and can be known only after her experience, and highlight the secrets of nature is very useful pomegranate peel, it may interest what is priceless, so boiled and drink, and will be in this article show the most important benefits of boiled pomegranate peel, and how to prepare peel powder pomegranate.

Benefits boiled pomegranate peel

  • Treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, through cutting the chaff into small sized pieces, and put it on fire with a silver sugar until the mixture Etjans, but without the addition of water, eat a spoon in the middle of the morning and evening.
  • Treatment of tonsillitis, through boiling pomegranate peel with sage, and then add powder grams of ordinary aspirin, and then gargle it more than once a day, but without swallowing.
  • Treatment of fever accompanied by diarrhea, through drinking pomegranate peel boiled several times a day, or eating grinded capsules peels.
  • Teeth whitening, so by mixing crushed pomegranate peel with charcoal with tooth paste with honey powder, and then put it on the brush and scrub the teeth out.
  • Treatment of bad breath, through chew and swallow.
  • Get rid of the worms, through drinking boiled pomegranate peel a day on an empty stomach.
  • Treatment of wounds, eczema, skin infections, and through the spray grinded pomegranate peel on the sterile festering wounds.
  • Install the color of hair dyes, so by mixing boil pomegranate peel with henna or dye.
  • Skin whitening, through the mixing of boiled water with pomegranate peel option.
  • Treatment of mouth ulcers and gum, through drinking boiled pomegranate peel and chew dander.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids, especially affected by diarrhea.
  • Treatment of chronic diarrhea and amoebic Aldsntre.
  • Treatment of excessive sweating in different parts of the body.

How to prepare pomegranate peel powder

  • Cut the pomegranate peel into small pieces using scissors, and then dried by putting it in a sunny place.
  • Athanih using electric grinder, then Nkhalih well, get a powder soft ground.


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