Benefit sesame oil

Benefit sesame oil


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Sesame oil

Natural oils from more natural materials and recipes that are used by many people to get rid of different health problems and disorders and strengthen the body, and one of the most oils commonly used is considered sesame oil, which contains a large Alvitamnaat and the most important of vitamin E amounts, in addition to a wide range of nutrients other; Such as iron, zinc, calcium and copper; Therefore, as the raw material enters the treatment of many diseases and health problems are also psychological. [1]

Benefit sesame oil

Here we will address the most prominent benefits offered by sesame oil, which to include the following: [2]

  • Hair: Works sesame oil on the hair feed and strengthen and give him health, and helps to cure many of the problems related to it, such as drought and dandruff as well as the prevention of baldness, which helps all is contained on a group of substances that act as the germs that infect the scalp, and the addition sesame oil helps to get rid of psychological disturbances such as anxiety and stress, and thus reduces the likelihood of hair loss, and give it a natural shine and luster; It is advisable to put the amount of sesame oil hair and massage it.
  • Skin: In addition to large benefits granted by the hair, is also considered one of the most oils used for skin care through the skin nourish and protect them from exposure to many problems such as drought and various wrinkles and cracks; It goes a lot of important vitamins for the skin in particular, most notably vitamin A and its B, and contains large amounts of antioxidants to the processes of oxidation, particularly when exposed to sunlight, and it can be used by putting it on the skin, particularly after heated for a period of time, then washed water.
  • Chest: also helps sesame oil on the chest to strengthen and give it a larger size, and this is done through the chest massage it.

Benefits of sesame oil therapeutic

There are also the benefits of therapeutic Eida sesame oil, including: [3]

  • Reduce the rate of sugar: According to a study published in 2010 through which the proof that the sesame oil helps to reduce the rate of sugar in the blood, it also regulates the rate of cholesterol in the body and thus reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease and blood vessels.
  • Improve children's growth: This is evidenced by many Indian studies, so that helps sesame oil on the growth of children naturally, and to minimize disturbances that occur to them during sleep, through massage the child's body quantity of it, specifically the chest area, abdomen, back and head; Because it contains substances that increase the flow of blood in the body, and promotes the secretion of growth hormones.
  • Get rid of phlegm: utility does not stop sesame to expel phlegm out of the body, but relieve cough and cough that exposed many of the children. According to many of the studies conducted by the American University in Beirut, the sesame oil effect in getting rid of cough than own so much medicine .


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