beautiful words

beautiful words

  • Your use of the wrong means to reach your goal, it may make it impossible to achieve.
  • I love sitting sea waves truer voice of talk of human beings.
  • When people talk about you bad and you know that you did not make a mistake in the right of one of them remember that God who praise Ochglhm you and not their concerns you.
  • Beautiful smile and words simple gifts remain in effect hearts forever.
  • What a beautiful life when we look at it next to the most beautiful and bright beam when the sun shines rays "golden optimism."
  • Do not let grief kill your heart and do not let the devil whispers to you and you alone Iwamk sad and Ttgeraan pain and grief and others struggling in happiness and joy.
  • Past the beautiful people who came before us made wonderful ... Could it be that we will be a beautiful past ... talking about generations of the next ... Make yourselves a good example proud of your sons and Tfajron by you before God.
  • Do not despair if your feet stumbled and fell into a large hole ... you'll come out of them and you are more cohesive and stronger, and God is with the patient.
  • Things that come from one party painful ... like being asleep waiting for the other ... and worry about the other laughs.
  • Do not be sad if the people closest to you Gdrick ... you'll find you out of sadness and bring you life and smile.
  • I am not only a believer in God in a secret modulators ... I pulse in this universe released ... How narrows my chest ... I became a human sperm ... how can I do not know my fate? And did not rise above the dirt road ... and it will be my grave ... I am impressed by the boy in huh, or not ... who knows that the short life and age Kalohlam applies.
  • Do not put all of your dreams in one person ... and do not make your age all to one person you love, whatever the qualities journey ... I do not think that the end of things is the end of the world ... the universe is not what you see your eyes.
  • Grateful for all the pain with him self reconciled, peace Comerfo docked with him, without any scratches.
  • Do not wait for a loved one ... but sold you wait shines from you life again.
  • If there is a man who loves you, you are lucky, and if it is sincere in love you are more fortunate people.
  • A nice feeling to see a look of satisfaction on the face of my mother and I accept her hand ... and praying to me pierce my ear drum Vergs my heart for joy.
  • More people vileness is that which gives you back and you desperately need to grip his hand.
  • The most beautiful faces in the morning is not Ohllagha created ... but most smile.
  • Sincere love when the moon is full and the eclipse is an end when they treacherously.
  • Wisdom make you able to turn off the floor after they reach the tip of your tongue.
  • Love beautiful feelings and sensations upscale ... Love is the life of hearts dead.
  • Tears (values ​​Gallet) try not to drop it only on the thing settled.
  • If you love honestly put your trust in God and do not lose hope if you are a liar Varahl and talked about the fate and destiny.
  • When you paint on your face yellow smile ... When someone propitiate words and think that fulfillment ... when Ttanh in front of him and his back fuller friends ... and then make sure that you have earned and lost someone yourself.
  • The bad in our lives (grace) Vlolahm what we knew NICE.
  • And how much you need to wish is an umbrella prayer protected from rain despair.
  • Sadness that I write do not receive sense ... and scream do not receive my voice ... and do not see you utter my breath ... and die Faisalk news Kagharbae.
  • Some hurts us their silence ... and some of their words murderer.
  • Do not laud a lot of women ... If I stopped Stzn you no longer love ... If you continue to praise will ensure that you do not deserve.
  • Behind every person warned ... the story made him learn a lot.
  • The strongest army will face in your life is an army of ideas that revolve in your mind, this army is able to Tahtimk or Nasrtk So be the commander of the army of your thoughts and do not be subordinate to it.
  • Try, learn, try to do something special in your life, and learn how to apply it to the ground, try and you'll find that the process is easier than you'd expect, Vnapeleon Bonaparte was responding to three on three, it said, he can not said to him, tried, and said: I do not know ... he said to him, you know, and said: impossible ... said to him: Try.
  • A woman asked about insurer tools beautified said: Use the honesty to my lips and the Koran voice and compassion and kindness to my eyes and charity for my hand and honesty and loyalty to Quami to my heart.
  • No man is free of carefree ... but there are those who remember it is a minimum smiling.
  • Do not be sad on Mafi life, what created the only Ntn and ... So God plagued Do you see us be patient ... Hun You do not Taatcder and make sure that the vagina soon ... If darkening clouds ... intensified Fma little rain.
  • Virility is not to scream generally a woman, or a child, or poor, or poor, manhood is to respect these four.
  • Take advantage of the past and the present nest and thought Bajabah in the future.
  • Be ... wealthy Bokhalaqkm, rich Baknaatkm, senior Bhetwadekm ... So ... is your kings.
  • Some hearts remain a piece of us .. even if the farthest from us after much earth from heaven.
  • The most common way that people lose their strength is that they do not own it and believe originally.
  • God who hopes Venus on Venus so that the fruit, and the kindness of the dove on the dove even created the egg, and the lowest of the mountain from the mountain until the valley generates, which is linked to heart with love heart until the boy comes ... Without love what I wind branch on the branch in the remote jungle .. Hanna. and not the mountain on the mountain in the valley Loner ... not long spring table courier to the sea ... and not love what he cried to waterless clouds the earth ... and the earth laughed Bzahr spring ... life was not.
  • Two things that determines your character: your patience while do not have anything, and when your actions have everything.
  • Do not find something released ... your worries contented himself Bahamdllah; It is bound to remove all your worries.
  • Keep your heart free from hate, and your mind free of anxiety and expect little and give a lot.
  • When you cry, you do not need someone to help you because stop crying, but all what you need, someone bury your head between Ohoudanh crying like children's, people did not have a voice amid crying spells, only it has a warmer and compassion.
  • Remorse is the one who makes you feel that you are the worst person on earth ,, but as long as you feel that you are reproaches from the purest people's hearts!
  • Interest recipe no one can be Atsnaha do not try to force your attention to one becomes like irrigates industrial tree and wait for them to bear fruit.


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