Astronomical towers recipes

Astronomical towers recipes


  • 1 astronomical towers recipes 1.1 Aries 1.2 Taurus 1.3 Gemini 1.4 Cancer 1.5 Lion Tower 1.6 Virgo 1.7 Libra 1.8 Scorpio 1.9 Sagittarius 1.10 Capricorn 1.11 Aquarius 1.12 Pisces
  • 1.1 Aries
  • 1.2 Taurus
  • 1.3 Gemini
  • 1.4 Cancer
  • 1.5 Lion Tower
  • 1.6 Virgo
  • 1.7 Libra
  • 1.8 Scorpio
  • 1.9 Sagittarius
  • 1.10 Capricorn
  • 1.11 Aquarius
  • 1.12 Pisces

Astronomical towers recipes

Constellations are the constellations in the sky and its impact on the personal and human life, and the Department of astronomers towers to twelve towers, and combine these towers in groups according to their nature, including what is earthy, or antenna, or watery, or firearm, have towers evolved with the development of science astronomy and scientific instruments that can know the paths of the planets and the stars, the following are the most important attributes of all towers.


Is a gunshot to the planet Mars tower, featuring a person who belongs to this tower with enthusiasm and energy, he has the audacity to talk and loves the challenge, likes to rely on himself in everything, but he is very stubborn and remembers right the mistakes of others always, a cultured person and objective may seem sometimes especially in matters of religion and politics extreme, listening internal to his voice, confident of himself but is vulnerable, such as children, and a woman pregnancy very distinctive in elegance and ability to cope with the difficulties, the facial features and face sharp and clear, and stand and stand straight and consistent owners pregnancy with people from the lion towers, the bow, Gemini, Aquarius, and excel in the professions of medicine, business administration, sports, and famous tower Charlie Chaplin, James Clark, and Nadia soldier and Fadel Shaker, Omar Sharif and Hussein Fahmi, Julia Boutros, and Jackie Chan.


Is an earthy tower, the planet Venus, the owner of this aim tower is ideal happy life, depends on himself and loves to spend times away from groups of people, he loves the arts and loves beauty in nature and in all, very passionate and loves family life harmonious and concludes partner, but it may be driven by road error, characterized as a person practical and Thi strong will, love peace and stability, it is estimated the physical and sensory values, loves the experience to build his ideas and principles, a trustworthy, but strict and stubborn, causing him problems, it is appropriate to work in the field of banks or art and music, and for the famous tower bull, whom Nancy Ajram, and George Kordahi, and Adel Imam, and George Clooney, and Nour Al-Sharif, and Fifi Abdo.


Is an antenna tower, the planet Mercury, has cleverly instinctive, likes to discover people and places, which attracts people to him everywhere, but he suffers from a duplication of his personality, and possesses the art of communicating with others, it is speaker tactless and listen to the people, seeks to achieve its objectives and hates the restrictions and red tape boring, is able to analyze situations from different actors putting him to the difficulty of making decisions, likes to help others, very optimistic, a multi-talented and can many mastery of professions, but excels in providing programs, translation and trade, and celebrities Gemini Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, and Mohammed Abdo, and Abdel-Halim Hafez, and Hamama.


Is a water tower, planet moon, the family forms the basis of cancer life, where it is believed that the family is the safety and happiness, a person friendly and loves others and in harmony with them, and continue to be effective manner with friends and family, and expresses love for them always, people are estimated those who respect his creativity, loves poise in his relationship with his partner, he likes to own property but does not want to control the other, has a sense of philosophical, and think deeply about life issues, remember many details, he is able to remember things that happened in his childhood accurately, has a strong intuition, and aspires material and family stability, in line with people of Scorpio towers, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, and occupations suitable to him medicine, teaching, nutrition, famous Cancer they are: Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, and Jennifer Lopez, and Ghada Abdel Alrazkn and Nawal Al Zoghbi, Nicole Saba, and Ahmed Ezz.


Is a live tower, planet sun, loves driving and access to the ranks of high, confident himself and loves adventure, a reckless and makes mistakes but he does not recognize, loves sincerely and has feelings of affluent, is characterized by his generosity and creativity in many fields, he loves the life of luxury and grandeur, but he regards his beliefs and his ideas are great, a brave and not afraid of risk, very requirement in love and is expected to get a lot of partner, in line with the people of Sagittarius towers, Aries, Aquarius, and excels in engineering work, sports, teaching, and months, the owners of this tower, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Tamer Hosni and sulaf, and Rashed Al Majed, Rami Ayyash, Antonio Banderas, and Maya Nasri.


Is an earthy tower, the planet Mercury, is a person rational and logical, has the ability to solve the problems of an intelligent manner, has multiple talents, and see things from all angles, so respectful of different points of view, patient, wallets, and cute, but he suffers from a small number of friends. Most relations with superficial, modest and enjoy super-attractive, likes the system and diligence, but hates to be the center of public attention, succeed in encouraging people to achieve their goals, in line with the people of Scorpio towers, cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, works usually in the field of chemistry, veterinary medicine, management and entrepreneurship, and famous Virgin: Hugh Grant, and Hala Sarhan, and Cameron Diaz, and Kazem El Saher, Salma Hayek, and please Jiddawi, Wael Kfoury.


Is the antenna tower and the planet Venus, preferably has a partner, The house and marry the basis of life in his eyes, but he is reluctant to make decisions, a social and gentle, likes the organization and arrangement, seeks to know all what is going on around him, a diplomat very thought that the best things Oostha, in line with people who understand the need for romance, loves justice and seeks to achieve, takes care of himself and his appearance and loves the acquisition of clothing and precious perfumes, likes to work within a team and feel accomplishment, in line with the people of Aquarius towers, Gemini, and Sagittarius, and the most famous Libra: Mahatma Gandhi, and Samira Said, Melhem Zein, and Sherine Abdel Wahab, Diana Haddad, and Amr Diab.


It is a water tower, and the planet Mars, has a strong intuition, the only tower that works efficiently in the field of investigation, sets a schedule for the work intended to do and succeed so, he likes to live freely and in his own way, people see an autocrat because he does not follow his emotions and conceal secrets, a friend In, loves achievement and meet the challenges and overcome, deep feelings and needs to be someone who understands the nature of his feelings and strength, does not like to admit defeat and listen to other tips, loves privacy and hates compliments, it means everything that comes from him from the words or smiles, in line with the people of the towers Cancer, Taurus and Pisces, and excels to be investigator or an engineer or a scientist environmentally, and the most famous Scorpio: Martin Luther King, and turquoise, and Elisa, and Bill Gates, and Picasso, Prince Charles, and Mona Zaki, and Wadih El Safi.


Is a live tower, planet Jupiter, loves to search for the truth and the life freely, loves topics philosophical and spiritual, intelligent but bad mood, loves adventures, people and enchants powerful person before, he is a man honest and consistent with the balanced person who understands their needs and the importance of freedom and independence has, a vital person social and develop his talents constantly open to new ideas, enjoy the goodness of the heart and loves to travel, consistent with the people of pregnancy towers, Gemini, lion, works in the travel areas, trade, education, and famous bow: Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, and wma, and Mohammed Fouad, and Assi, and George will, Hani Shaker, and Brad Pitt.


Is earthy and the planet Saturn tower, an ambitious person, and hard-working, and an entrepreneur, cares about tradition and not in line with his time methods, does not believe in success through the use of dishonest, is able to break down the barriers with others, sincere and sacrifice for the family, and cares about the balance of the relationship between family members , likes long friendship term relationships, Faihrs to pick good friends, in line with the people of the bull and the Virgin Towers, and excels in the field of computer engineering and management, and famous Capricorn: Elvis Presley, and Ihab Tawfiq, and Elham Shahin, and Nabil Shouail, and Laila Alawi, Jim Carrey, Ahmed Al-Sharif.


Is the antenna tower and the planet Saturn, human being sexy and independent, is balanced in his actions and likes to experience strange things, optimistic and humane to the extreme, passionate and very sympathetic with others and estimated their feelings, impulsive and spirited, preferably permanent relations, social but hates traditions, fickle imagination and wide, diplomat solving problems and respecting different points of view, consistent with the people of Libra towers, Aries, Gemini, a politician often or writer or scientist or mine, and the most famous Aquarius Charles Dickens and Abraham Lincoln and Shakira and Samir Ghanem, and Paris Hilton, and dried meats, and Mohamed Henedy, Souad Hosni.


Is a water tower, and the planet Jupiter, a person spiritual and loves to help others, his goodness and compassion may Aardhanh to exploit other people, a talented and gentle and can be consistent with any person, loves sincerely and interesting, a generous cream, fanciful and ponder a lot, sincere in his feelings and feelings, and in affectionate dreamer, very much in line with the people of Taurus towers, cancer and Scorpio, and excels in the field of medicine, biology, music, psychology, and famous Pisces: Einstein, and Hanan Turk, Ahmad Al Sakka, and accessible, Najwa Karam, Bruce Willis, and Saber.


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