Aries specifications

Aries specifications

Many interested people around the world to know the qualities that characterize the advantage of each person from others, some resort to classifications and divisions of astronomy to people's personalities by date of birth, through the so-called astronomical twelve which was divided by the number of months of the year calendar horoscopic, if you are interested in this area we will launch the most prominent qualities that distinguish born Aries specifically.


It is one of the astronomical towers firearms which is characterized Mwalidh special qualities distinguish them from others born in other towers, especially in deep thinking and outlook of optimism for life, and the lack of patience and impulsive decision-making, born in the tower were born in the period between the twenty-one March twenty-April.

Man pregnancy specifications

  • A man has a personal pregnancy social likes to identify new people and get into the experiences and adventures exciting with them and discussions, tends to be honest most of the time, but someone bossy, controlled, dictatorial, and frank, direct criticism of the others without hesitation and rejects the criticism of him, especially if the cash is negative, therefore, we must take care in the choice of words when talking to him.
  • Personal very emotional and soon possessed falls in love, but it is very jealous on his partner may reach him things to control and control, although it was romantic too does not hesitate to seek and to exert maximum efforts behind access to his beloved Neil love, and are expected to raised and draws view and admiration, and often attracted to women who show her femininity through her clothes and makeup. classic light.
  • A strong character with no fear of others, a leader by nature does not hesitate to engage in various challenges and experience new projects, and it refuses to be controlled by others at work, at a time enjoy in directing people to the path that you should walk in it.

Women pregnancy specifications

  • Has a heart white net, such as children, and is one of the released and open personalities to the world and things, spontaneously to the fullest extent, and has its own style in dealing with others, and although it flying par excellence, but they need a little time to learn about self and getting used to them, and trust others, making it vulnerable many shocks, but it is characterized by quickly return to normal.
  • Enjoy tastefully in the selection of her clothes and her things, and following the high fashion go to the top of wearing the most beautiful clothes among her friends.
  • In love and link waiting for her partner primarily to be much attention, due to its large discretion in their work and study waiting for her partner to give her full support to it, and not afraid to overtake it.


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