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Towers in one way or another on our personalities affect and reflect the general our recipes, by day of birth determines the tower, which belongs to him, and also determines your nature and draws the basics of your interactions with others and the degree you meet with them, divided the year, according to astrology to 12 period, and during each period of the sun in one of these periods , so each person has a corresponding according to the tower date of birth, the twelve towers are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, lion, Virgo, and Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, and in this article specifically talk about Aries . [1]


Belongs to the pregnancy of all persons tower born in the period between the 21st of March the date of April 19, one of the towers motorcycle, three towers: (Aries, lion, bow), and is considered the color red is the color of luck for Aries, the lucky number is the number 5 among all gems, the most precious stone fits ruby ​​stone or ruby ​​red Aries is, include the strengths of the Aries in being optimistic, and sincere, energetic, cream, brave and enterprising, cheerful and passionate, but weaknesses are that impulsive and naive sometimes. [1]

Features Aries

Enjoy born Aries with many wonderful qualities, they have many advantages, most notably: [2]

  • Courage: Regardless of the difficulty of any position, can live pregnancy to act, he has the courage and the ability to defy the odds.
  • Adventure: It is one of the most dominant personality traits on Aries, Pregnancy is not afraid of risk and tends to explore and move forward to try new things without hesitation.
  • Positive: It is easy to note that born Aries has a remarkable positive energy which can affect those around him, as he is very popular in his social life.
  • Bio: hard to find pregnancy born lazy, it is not extinguished the flame of vigor and vitality.
  • Enthusiasm: when it comes to any project or relationship, born of pregnancy feel intense enthusiasm towards him, and can be a source of inspiration to others.

Disadvantages Aries

Just as Aries enjoys many advantages, also has a number of defects that may affect his various dealings, and the most prominent of these flaws: [2]

  • Vanity: Vmolod pregnancy feel all the time that he is right, and do not care much about the opinions of others, and this is what makes him seem arrogant.
  • Stubbornness: The views of fixed Aries does not change no matter what happens, and that's what makes it difficult to deal with them a little bit.
  • Rush: Vhabh adventure can make it exuberant and hasty, he does not think a lot before making decisions.
  • Lack of discipline: Because pregnancy excited and energetic all the time, you may not be able to control his energy and guide them in certain things, and this creates a lack of discipline, which could affect his successes.
  • Confrontation: he does not think twice before facing the others, which may affect social relationships.
  • Not to complete the tasks: most often can not live pregnancy focus on long projects, it is enthusiastic about her in the beginning and begin to implement, but leaves it to drive in the middle of the road.

Qualities of women pregnancy

There are many qualities distinguish women born in Aries, these qualities include the following: [3]

  • Pregnancy woman is a distinctive woman, independent, elegant, resolute in nature, and the inside has a heart innocent and childish.
  • Women love pregnancy disbursement of funds to buy all gain admiration, they tend to spend without conditions or restrictions, but it is also good to make money.
  • In practical life pregnancy women can achieve a lot of success with minimal effort, and very much interested to be satisfied with its work.
  • Women prefer to be associated with a successful pregnancy, provided a man not to be a quiet foul.
  • Pregnancy women can be friendships easily, but in fact it has a few close friends.

Recipes man pregnancy

Enjoy the men who belong to the Aries range of qualities that delineate the features of their personalities and reflect on their lives, most notably: [4]

  • Personal man pregnancy characterized as attractive and inspiring, he is charismatic in his personality and possesses leadership skills.
  • Man pregnancy brave and intrepid is not afraid to explore the unknown.
  • Pregnancy man loved by women, she has a charming smile, and knows how to flirt with women and cares about them.
  • The man is always looking for the perfect woman to be his partner, and when it finds falls in love immediately and be faithful to him.
  • Care to be her partner understanding of all qualities and is ready to support him in all his plans and projects.
  • The man pregnancy has great energy driven significantly with enthusiasm, but not be patient, and get bored and tired quickly, especially in work projects.
  • Man pregnancy reckless with regard to disbursement of funds, he buys everything like even if they did not need him, but he can maintain its financial balance.
  • The man enjoys pregnancy to identify the others, make friends and participate in dialogues, which is honest with his friends to a large degree can sometimes be annoying.

Aries with towers tower compatibility

It can be said that Aries agrees to a large degree with towers born the following: [5]

  • Gemini: The relationship between Gemini and Aries is full of energy and mutual trust.
  • Sagittarius: meet the high energies that characterize both towers to produce a relationship distinguishes fun and new discoveries.
  • Leo: agree born Aries with Leo dramatically, as can be born Leo is the best partner to carry emotionally.
  • Virgo: Virgo Vmolod much criticism and obsessed by focusing on the flaws and pitfalls, while pregnancy tends born to lead and does not accept the constant criticism.
  • Capricorn: Both have leadership qualities but this exercise leadership styles may conflict with each other.
  • Taurus: Pregnancy and impulsive adventurer, unlike the bull, which tends to be calm and calculating things.


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