Arab search engines

Arab search engines

search engines

Search engines are one of the most important offered options on the Web, a software specifically designed to help people who use the Internet to find the documents and information stored on them, has been designed search engines on the principle of searching for information and books that had been followed in ancient libraries.

The creation of a database containing all the indexes and information ranked according to a particular system, and at present there are many engines Arab and international search and the most famous search engine "Google", then comes second search, "Yahoo" engine, and many other search engines .

Arabic search engines

  • Perimeter: is the most famous Arabic search engines, it has been designed in a manner similar to the action of the global search engines, and contains more accurate classifications at the level of search engines Arabic, which covers news periodically, thorough and comprehensive.
  • Indexes: It is a huge content, contains a comprehensive guide in Arabic, and includes many categories of interest to the pioneers of the Internet smooth and good manner, also contains a corner tutorial, a large number of free software applications, and a lot of information and public services.
  • Arena: a specialized search engine more precisely in all the events taking place in the Arab and Islamic worlds, featuring numerous and varied topics in science and religion and literature, also includes a forum in which to conduct an Arab intellectual dialogues value.
  • Where ?: It is the most important doors Arabic search, and the information is classified by topics, which is very similar to the global search engines, and is interested in general news and news sites, and is particularly interested in the news of information technology.
  • UNCENSORED: a search engine is interested in universities and cultural clubs and Arab publishing houses and publications, and focuses on the concerns of Arab families, personal sites, and methods of protection from hackers.
  • Treasures: a gateway Arab information, includes many topics related to medicine, fitness, sports and health, and contains a lot of public information and cultural in many diverse topics, and is interested in the various sciences, painting, photography, and provide advice and guidance.
  • UNCENSORED: a gate Arab search contains strong Arabic engine, and offers wide possibilities and numerous, and subject to many standards concerning the Arabic language, and how to view them by the correct rules.
  • Network Path: search engine contains many classifications includes many Arab and Islamic religious sites, as well as personal pages, poetry, literature, education, culture, dissemination of advertising service and offers.
  • Easy: contains many important sites that have been selected according to their importance, depending on how Ranked and display of information, the same view in the global search engines, as well as to offer news service.


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