Apple Green Diet

Apple Green Diet


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green apple

Green Apple is a source of high nutritional value and low content calories; Because it contains a high percentage of vitamins such as B and C and beta carotene, and minerals essential such as sodium elements, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, dietary fiber, and antioxidants that prevent the growth and spread of free radicals in the body, and about 52 calories only, so it enters the most Dieting systems in general doctors recommend taking it before meals by about a quarter of almost an hour to promote the process of losing weight.

The benefits of green apple diet

  • It promotes a feeling of fullness and fullness for long periods; Because it contains a high proportion of dietary fiber that you need a long time to chew and thus produce large amounts of saliva, which promotes a feeling of fullness, and dietary fiber reduces the absorption of high-calorie food.
  • Struggling digestive system disorders Kbeef digestion, gases and bloating.
  • Lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.
  • It regulates the level of sugar in the blood through the control by insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas, and thus prevents the secretion of large amounts of sugar and accumulation in the body as fat.
  • It enhances the metabolism of food in the body, and regulates bowel movement and Alanha.
  • Metabolic rate increases and the burning of fat and calories in excess body.
  • The body extends compounds polyphenol that enhance the process of losing weight and the fight against obesity as it reduces the accumulation of fat in the body.

Green Apple Diet Program

Benefits of Green Apple Health

  • Boosts the immune system's performance in the body; Because it contains a high percentage of flavonoids such as fishers, which keeps the body's cells and protects it from damage.
  • The body protects against infections and microbes.
  • It reduces the chances of infection with chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • It reduces sensitivity and difficulty breathing and reduces the severity of asthma symptoms.
  • It improves skin health and promotes the process of building and promotes cell regeneration and build collagen.
  • It gives freshness and vitality of skin and contributes to preventable of pimples and acne and skin diseases.
  • It enhances the health of the hair and increases strength and prevents hair loss.
  • Fights dandruff and moisturizes the scalp effectively and fed and prevents dryness.
  • It promotes mental health and fight against diseases associated with the progress of age and maintains the integrity of neurons.
  • It improves bone health and promotes growth properly and protect it from infections such as rheumatism.
  • It concludes the body of toxins.
  • Building process that enters the hemoglobin in the formation of red blood cells and therefore enhances protects against infection with anemia.
  • It promotes the health of fetuses during pregnancy.
  • It maintains the health of the mouth and teeth and gums.


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