animal species

animal species

the animals

Is one of the organisms that live on this earth's surface, and vary these animals forms, and sizes, and colors, and methods of reproduction, these appeared objects old ones still exist, and the other section became rodents, and is indicated by the fossil record during the Cambrian explosion about 542 before million years ago, many varieties of animals and no reliable human foot since it is fed as a staple food, because they contain meat of great nutritional values ​​and beneficial to the body.

animal species


Are popular animals in Faqaradtha, known as the people of chordates, and bringing the number of Onoaaha to 64 thousand species known and described, include this category:

  • Fish: Kosmak useless jaw, jaw, and cartilaginous, sharks, rays, and Aledmih, and fins.
  • Amphibians: You know Balqoazib, owns most of these animals class fortitude Hrishvia, and the size of more than 7 mm, such as frogs, toads, and salamanders, and Aslaan.
  • Mammals: characterized as warm-blooded, characterized by medium-size to large, the mismatch in size from 30 mm up to Kalkhvavi, including up to approximately 30 meters Kalihut blue, and can also be subdivided as follows: Rodents: Jardan, mice, and beavers. Alkhvashiyat: bat. Zpapiat: Zubab, and the mole.
  • Rodents: Jardan, mice, and beavers.
  • Alkhvashiyat: bat.
  • Zpapiat: Zubab, and the mole.
  • Birds: characterized as warm-blooded, and bringing the number of birds to more than 10 thousand species, the most important thing distinguishes it has wings to fly in the air, but all kind of birds can fly at varying heights, many there are of these birds are threatened with extinction.


The molluscs animals do not invertebrate, up to more than 85 thousand species almost, there by up to 23% at sea, classified into nine two categories of which completely extinct, and months categories cephalopods Kalhbar, octopus, and molluscs Alqoakkaka or shellfish, the most of these categories spread with a total of approximately 80%.


Are animals not invertebrate, characterized Bojd skeleton outside the form of segmentation, accounting for 80% of all living organisms, and vary in small sizes, some of them, including average, large, and most famous of these objects worms, mother of forty-four, various insects, spiders and scorpions, crabs, lobster, shrimp.


This category is limited to oligochaete, which can form a group of rings around her body; This is because her body is composed of several episodes, this category contains digestive apparatus, nervous, and circulatory, and pull me out, ranging in length from 1 mm to 2 mm approx.


Is a species of marine organisms, the most important and what distinguishes it as irregular in shape, structure and contains calcium, or organic fiber sponge, or thorns wired, and most famous of these objects jellyfish.


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