And the rule of the likes of treachery

And the rule of the likes of treachery


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Treachery behavior is bad and immoral and makes its owner ugly in the eyes of the people and unreliable, what is the hardest that brings treachery knife challenging you and kill your trust in people, generally will not linger to talk about treachery because we summarize you the best and proverbs that we offer through this subject.

And the rule of the likes of treachery

  • The fulfillment of the esteemed Shem and treachery of the qualities of villains.
  • Stand idly by and though holding the stick arm.
  • People are rewarded with deceit Cavaah treachery.
  • After being betrayed by her boyfriend .. They said to her: How did he Tkchwi a liar .. Sneaky .. said to them: I saw I do not see.
  • Fear of evil from you.
  • If people are present in the treachery of all trust is a deficit.
  • I have been a co-conspirator for a long time that I do not trust those who become around me.
  • The diary is the only way to preserve the facts and study and draw lessons from them .. our weapons against the treachery and defeat.
  • Black when it comes to drink deer give her the way but they do not flee, as if the predation of our time and life and vow normal time and vow seems to be human treachery Boushima purely.
  • Treachery is the most despicable human crimes and most meanness because man can always do what he wants in the face of others and not behind them.
  • Of treachery behind the holder and the promise .. except for slander after praise.
  • Not Tgrenk Qunya .. never let Wesal Alqian in the fire
  • Ybv’ bkhsr seller'Izz balghny. Vakhsr curt alghdr balvfa Jupiter.
  • And treachery in people printed do not trust them .. If you insist, take the security and scruples
  • Metacafe vinegar to ensure that one day .. treachery and fulfillment in people printed.
  • They betrayed I said that perhaps .. won the semen and healed Ghaleel treacherous.
  • If the domineering man and wanted to calculate a percentage of the said: I am evil and injustice, my father and my mother and my brother's abuse of treachery and my sister and my uncle sedating free of humiliation and harm .. poor and my son and my daughter and my family need ignorance and national ruin.
  • Treachery to the rule, safety becomes baksheesh .. and what Bartending is estimated not invoked Aavic.

Sayings about treachery and betrayal

  • I really live in a black time .. good word do not find the net .. heard the front expose treason .. which is still laughs has not yet heard the terrible .. the news which this time.
  • How many times Hzmtna treason without a fight.
  • Treason does not flourish, because it flourished if not one dares to call it a betrayal. - John Harrington
  • Fidelity is not required, if the request begging and humiliation for love, the case was not spontaneous, it is nothing more than a permanent circumvent the lust of treason and suppress them .. any other type of betrayal.
  • He asked Churchill once for his peoples, said a historical phrase: If Englishmen died die politics if the Russians died of peace dies and if the Americans dies rich dies and if the Italians died faith dies and dies when the French taste die if the Germans dies die force if Arabs died die treason.
  • Betrayal of what the rule becomes safety baksheesh .. and what Bartending is estimated not invoked Aavic.
  • Akis cyst piety, and the foolish foolishness of debauchery, and believe honesty Secretariat, lying and betrayal lie.
  • In love women for their inability to get rid of treason The man shall be saved because he was tired of treason.
  • If the domineering man, and wanted to belong, to said: I am evil, and my father of injustice, and my mother abuse, and my brother's treachery, and my sister sedating, and my uncle harm, and free of humiliation and son poverty, daughter of unemployment, and national ruin, and my kindred ignorance.
  • The most difficult to paint the pain .. laugh on the lips and inside you whined, to propitiate around you with joy and sadness builds civilization in your chest, harder pain .. to trust the love in the time of betrayal and trust in the misery of life time and trust in the sound of silence and the time of the crime.
  • Abu Dhar said Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan when he saw a palace built Bazja: If this is the owner of extravagance but of money the nation it is treason.

Talk about treason

  • Missed from the Secretariat and the satisfaction of treason has been discharged from the religion.
  • Treason as death does not allow at all differences.
  • Everyone hates the traitor.
  • What traitor rode in to do .. uglier than the thief rode these are people known temperament .. Fajataiwa world or died.
  • Took the joy of the world .. All RCI create Khan all people who know what .. I trust.
  • Khan is not something that never Tomanan people a two-sided Juana.
  • Shepherd who is proud of the werewolf does not like sheep.
  • Ingratitude betrayal of the exchange and the Secretariat.
  • It is better to be in front of you a lion predator to be behind a traitor dog.
  • Such as who betrayed his homeland and sold his country like who steals from his father's money to feed thieves, not his father nor forgive the thief reward.
  • Shooting teach him every day when he got helped him threw me how systems rhymes taught him when he said Hjana rhyme teach him a bully all the time when he Aviate his mustache Jvani.
  • Betrayal of trust arise.
  • Treason can never succeed because it is when we give another name Tndja.
  • Love bears death and dimension bears more than suspicion and betrayal.
  • Sometimes make a huge effort in order to suffer from the betrayal, and we can do it in the end.
  • Lying can orbit the earth waiting to wear her shoes really.
  • There is no difference between the betrayal of conscience and betrayal of reality only implementation.
  • Lim Ablukulov bhdh mha fbatt ttqd time tomorrow de Ali Surabaya ykhvn earth.
  • I know all about betrayal, he has been married six marriages very successful.
  • Best Tricks and Pure truth is the soundest explanation, no one believes them.
  • If the person betrayed you once this is his sin, but if this is your sin twice betrayed you.
  • Treason in the same dead end despicable.
  • The fact of treason work entrusted to something Dd what entrusted to him, without the knowledge of the owner of the Secretariat.
  • There is no good in living Tkhounna and his time Ngolna extended by.
  • It is painful that infidelity does not succeed no one dares to call it a betrayal.
  • How traitor today do not hang but others hanged.
  • Treason is not washed .. from the wrong tears and regrets.
  • Ed Secretariat and treason Vajtenb .. The fairest grievance does not gain pleasure.
  • And ill do you think Balodnin calling .. Because of Cheating has been entrusted.
  • Cheating is kin repeatedly and perhaps you .. In the covenant of Atnasabh and last resort in kinship to others .. utility nor a friend still Tatbh According to the boy and advised him of loyalty .. the wish to hurt and delivers its owner.
  • Do not Tomanan women, even a brother .. What men in the Secretary of the women that the Secretary Continence and that effort .. must look Sekhon the grave or in the documented covenant .. What women only graves fortresses.
  • There is no good in vinegar .. and betray his friend receives from affection after Paljva.
  • Cheating from the Secretariat led to you .. did not the words of days canal did so well to those you want in the ground or abused .. you rewarded Hdhuk sole Balnal.
  • Abounded of his suspicions, he calls for his betrayal.
  • Try your friend before you trust him.
  • If stabbed from the back, you know that you are in the foreground.
  • Dive with the wolves but have your weapon ready.
  • People are rewarded with deceit Cavaah treachery.
  • Betrayal forgive and do not forget.
  • Akis cyst piety, and the foolish foolishness of debauchery, and believe honesty Secretariat, lying and betrayal lie.
  • Lion in front of you is better than a traitor and a dog behind you.
  • Betrayal forgive and do not forget.
  • The worst images of treason committed by the employee, is to allow the boss to commit a mistake it was possible to avoid.
  • Enough Palmra betrayal to be faithful to the traitors.
  • The preoccupation of the people Paljziaat, the nation uproot from the root of the greatest betrayal to her and to approach the Lord which cost us carrying it.
  • My fear that the day the betrayal becomes a point of view comes.
  • Either man Aitmank traitor .. Fajnt, or I say something without knowledge of you .. it was between us .. is like treason and sin (man addressed Wuxi him to his father Ziad bin).
  • Treason is what the idea of ​​becoming.
  • Writing life has taught me that I suspect words, transparency is often Maicon Too many more betrayal.
  • It became the betrayal played these days and weird home hobby compulsory.


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