Alormadallo animal

Alormadallo animal


  • 1 animal Alormadallo
  • 2 physical configuration of the animal Alormadallo
  • 3 types of animal Alormadallo 3.1 armadillo nine-bars 3.2 Giant armadillo 3.3 armadillos Genie 3.4 armadillo with three strips
  • 3.1 armadillo nine-bars
  • 3.2 Giant armadillo
  • 3.3 armadillos Genie
  • 3.4 armadillo with three strips
  • 4 animal Alormadallo properties

Alormadallo animal

Animal Alormadallo on behalf of Alormedillo known or armadillo, a name taken from the Spanish language means armadillos, and so called for the presence of solid slabs covering all parts of his body, an animal lives in South and Central America, and in the south of the United States, where the semi-desert and dry areas, it must be noted that there are several types of it, and in this article Snarafkm him more.

Physical configuration of the animal Alormadallo

Alormadallo animal features a solid slabs covering all parts of his body, from the front of his head until the last tail, where this is characterized by panels severe Beslaptha, especially in the shoulder area, head, and the top of the hips, while be flexible in the middle of the back area, and joints, so as to facilitate his movement, It features a relatively short tall affecting his steps, making them slow, as the limbs contain five fingers ends strong and sharp claws, note that two fingers parties in which significantly compared to the atrophy of the three middle fingers, while the length ranges between 75 cm and 1.5 m, in length depending on the type varies .

Types of animal Alormadallo

Armadillo nine-bars

The length of this type is about 90 centimeters, and cover the front and the rear quarter and the tail armor consisting of small plates and stacked on each other, while protecting the average part of the body 9 articulated bars, consisting of great plates identical, it must be noted that this type live in the pits in the semi-arid areas of desert and dry, which extends to the United States, knowing that the female partner give birth often four young per pregnancy, all of one sex any either males or females, and they have the same qualities, Vdroaha be soft and then harden when it reaches the first year.

Giant armadillo

The length of this armadillo between 120 and 150 cm, while the weight of about 1220 pounds, and is characterized by its activity despite the large size and protects the average portion of Jmsh 5 flexible strips, noting that his 100 older in almost his mouth, all weak and small teeth, suitable for the type of diet, the balls in the form of a loop when relaxing or sleeping.

Armadillos Genie

The length of this type is about 15 cm, and covers his body 20 tape Qrnkulaia, covers his face and parts of the lower than light hair color, a colorless teeth, and feeds on insects that dig them like a mole, note that there is in the dry areas of western Argentina and Bolivia.

Armadillo with three strips

The size of this type rabbit size, and covers his body three flexible strips of plate armor, digging in search of his food and balls into a ball to protect himself.

Animal Alormadallo properties

  • This protects the animal itself solid Pedroah, where he wraps around himself as a ball solid, preventing any animal other than penetrating his body or to eat a, or hiding amid thorny weeds, and despite strong claws, but a peaceful animal, not human attacks, and other animals chasing not from for food and to defend himself.
  • This animal lacks the ability to swim, Vighos in the water if he arrived, and can lock up the breath for six minutes.
  • Not born Alormadallo Pedroah but generates a very soft skin, and is of solid body cells during the stages of growth.
  • After the completion of armadillos growth to live in moves independent of the parents tunnels.


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