Advantages and disadvantages of Virgo

Advantages and disadvantages of Virgo


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Virgo is the sixth tower of the astronomical constellations of the twelve of the zodiac circle, passing the sun from the tower on August 23 to 22 of September, according to mythological legends of Greek, the Virgin is the Istrian daughter of the god Zeus, it belongs Virgin dirt group's tower, where he tends born of the Virgin in Tower Pisces born to a large tower, it is opposite the tower in the circle of the zodiac Virgo, but for other Bruges Kalqos, Capricorn, pregnancy, and the lion may be bad and unstable in a lot of times. [1]

Features Virgo

Featuring Virgo strong body and great flexibility, high capacity to withstand fatigue and stress at work, and hates begging and unemployment, and is characterized by honesty in his feelings and his feelings to a large extent, the believer is frank, loving others, lover of the beauty of the view and order, also features born of the Virgin enthusiasm tower in the performance of work without boredom or weariness, and tends to distance from people's social relations and unity; Because he felt uneasy and trust a lot of people, it does not succumb to illusions and dreams, but the system, work, logic and continuous diligence, as is born Virgo of the strong personalities that can be used to take advice and governance, although the external appearance of the born Virgo suggests indifference and calm, However, it hides deep feelings of others, because of the great duties and responsibilities it, constant quest to achieve his demands in a short period of time. [2]

This is referred to as the baby boomers Virgo thinkers tend to criticism, and take considerable time before making any decision, and tend to order and coordinate their affairs away from the chaos, they are serious figures like dedication to work, looking and thus get what they want, and they spend their nights without sleep to complete the completion of their work, and are characterized by artistic sense distinctive they have, Viabron what in their minds through music, dancing or acting, and turn to art as an activity to entertain the soul and an escape from reality, featuring live Virgo strong Bmakrth, is the memories they have a window for recreation, not let down born of the Virgin of others, he is loyal to those who are around him, and the patient too, is continually trying to find the good in people, and gives them enough time to reform their behavior if necessary, this is apart from the sense of responsibility located inside them, and the focus of the trust of others, do not like the live outdoors letdown tower no one, but everyone wants to know that he is always there to help them regardless of the reason, it also features born Virgo with humility in his treatment of others, and it does not prevent him from pride in his achievements without access to vanity. [3]

Disadvantages Virgo

Defects Virgin mood tower, lack of satisfaction and trust of many people, and this is what makes mixing with others difficult, as it tends to unity, mystery, and the intensity of scrutiny on every act, even if it was not worth, and the need to sequence and hierarchy in dealing with others, to reassure and relaxes them, as it is timid and deceptive, and cool emotions, and directs harsh criticism that makes a lot of people are shying away from it, and the responses of quick actions, as keen on the reservation and emphasizes experimentation, and to ensure the health of all, depends born Virgo only on the mind in taking his decisions away from emotion, which makes it tough in his decisions and responses, and finds great difficulty in choosing close friends and people. [4]

I also prefer career routine, and stick to the habits, as it is selfish and insists on the rejection in the absence of conviction, not born Virgo can express feelings appropriately and ideal, so it seems difficult to understand and conservative, is a born character Virgin worried tower and tense often, and stubborn, as difficult for others to change his mind if he believed something, and often may feel frustrated easily because of the simple things, and as a personal tower of virgin tend to idealism, it is possible to end the subject of failure, and to complete it seeks if I feel that is incomplete and ideal. [5]

Virgo man in love

A man Virgo finds it difficult to express his feelings as required, and usually have a perfect figure and conservative, but it tends While be difficult to understand, and it may need his partner some time to recognize him, and interference in his life, and is referred to as a man of the Virgin Savior who loves, and give him priorities always, and will do what he can to make a successful relationship, usually tries to find new things strange to fight with his life partner, which makes emotional relationship fun and nice, and usually seeks to improve his relationship with his partner, and make it better than before. [3]

Female Virgo in love

The fact that female Virgo is difficult to satisfy, it should be a partner able to achieve their wishes and aspirations, which may be difficult to investigate often, one of the personalities who believe in the fact that the existence of the so-called true love sincere, but it refuses to love the fantasy adapted from stories and novels , Tfahi personal realistic and logical rejects Phantoms, this is referred to as the female Gemini has a sense of high emotional feelings, often looking to perfection, and here may become female Gemini Boukibat hope and setbacks, and before you enter into any emotional relationship, the analysis of the personal other party , looking at its shortcomings, and is trying hard to really discover his feelings, and therefore it is difficult to find the love of her life due to its requirements, which is sometimes difficult to find in one person, but once you find the man becomes Emtemh him, and loyal to him, as characterized by a woman Virgo personality friendly and gentle the favorite to deal with others, and as it is the perfect personality, it makes sense that their relationship to succeed with her partner, because of carefully selected him. [2]


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