Advantages and disadvantages of Taurus

Advantages and disadvantages of Taurus

Human is different in nature and personality, all his properties, which include printing and behavior and what likes and dislikes, and some of which may be positive or negative, and so towers, each tower has advantages and disadvantages that characterize from others, and will be in this article show the most important Taurus properties Pros and Cons.


  • 1 advantages and disadvantages of Taurus 1.1 Taurus at the level of love 1.2 Taurus at the level of friends and family 1.3 on the financial and professional level
  • 1.1 Taurus at the level of love
  • 1.2 Taurus at the level of friends and family
  • 1.3 on the financial and professional level

Advantages and disadvantages of Taurus

Is characterized by its strength and reliability, and always be at the forefront of confrontation when it comes to an output of any command or hard work done, and is fond of beautiful and attractive things, and is characterized by its use the sense of touch in all fields, all senses are moving and are affected by this sense, it is the most important features stability and poise this what makes a person can be trusted and relied upon, some see the troublemaker, but it is actually a man bygone, and are all actions that fall under his hands to the fullest, and what distinguishes him relying on himself and all his affairs and not rely on others.

But in addition to all these features wonderful, but some tufts has bad, he likes to control and own all what he loves, and is often stubborn and tumultuous, on the other hand, he loves attention gardening, nature, kitchen and manual work, likes to listen to music in a romantic atmosphere, and hates changes that occur suddenly, and abhors insecurity and safety, and preferably synthetic fibers.

Taurus at the level of love

We are always ready for taking the time enough when the partner it comes from the Taurus, and must stay away from all about lust in order to win his heart, and often have friends of the same marital status, as can the feeling of love through gifts offered.

Taurus at the level of friends and family

Is interested in a large family, so that he is ready to do anything in order to protect them and preserve them, and seeks most of the time to take the advice, and continue his friendship forever if he found the right friend, and stands ready to provide assistance, it is ultimately a loyal friend can not priceless.

Financial and professional level

A financial one of the most things the stability that cares, and its motto distinctive "I own," and likes to raise money and has no problem in getting it by doing additional work, a person patient and hard-working and does not depend on his work before it is terminated completely and distinctive, on the other hand he likes to get the equivalent in work, it is considered a very important function of the degree of life or death, and because of this intense love of material things.


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