Advantages and disadvantages of Gemini

Advantages and disadvantages of Gemini


  • 1 Gemini
  • 2 features Gemini 2.1 Kablon to adapt 2.2 escolar 2.3 smart 2.4 unexpected 2.5 joyful 2.6 Karimon and are good 2.7 Independent
  • 2.1 qablvn lltkyf
  • 2.2 escolar
  • 2.3 smart
  • 2.4 unexpected
  • 2.5 joyful
  • 2.6 Karimon and are good
  • 2.7 Independent
  • 3 defects Gemini 3.1 Frequency 3.2 reckless and impulsive 3.3 non-compliance 3.4 Intrusion 3.5 lack of interest 3.6 Chaos
  • 3.1 Frequency
  • 3.2 althvr valtsr
  • 3.3 non-compliance
  • 3.4 Intrusion
  • 3.5 lack of interest
  • 3.6 Chaos
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Born Gemini owners from 21 May to 20 June, one of the wind towers, and is ranked third in the zodiac astronomical, and ruled by the planet Mercury, and corresponds to the owners strongly this Alberh with both the bow, Aquarius, and lucky numbers are 5, 7, 14 , 23, and they are characterized by carrying two characters inside them different, so it can make sure the character that will be faced by the person, it is better characterized as playful and likes to communicate with people, and the second characterized Balantoa and seriousness. [1]

Gemini features

There are many characteristics enjoyed by Gemini born and perhaps more born in other towers, due to the duality of their personalities, and these features: [2] [3] [4]

qablvn lltkyf

Featuring born in this tower high in their ability to adapt to different circumstances and situations; So because they think that they have all the things time experience at least once, and they also love adventures, so the adjustment Balench them is a kind of adventure and new experience, in addition to the great flexibility that allows them to walk with the current whatever, so they always have new ideas because of the many experiences.


The owners of this tower escolar very much like to go out as well as they enjoy concerts, so it is important that their presence therein; Because they give the high spirit of the place, plus they love to talk with others, and what always have something interesting to share with them, so it is usually superior to others in the talks.


Gemini is born of the most people love to learn, so the proportion of intelligence among themselves to be high, due to the nature of their personalities are very curious, which led to the discovery of a lot of things non-traditional and exceptional.


One of the most characters interesting are unexpected characters that come novelty every time, and is a Gemini of these characters, so dealing with them is very enjoyable, and because of this they have two different figures what makes the expected future behavior something very difficult; Because they do not follow a pattern uniform and known.


Overwhelm recipe fun-born Gemini, they love to laugh a lot, and have a high sense of humor so they can entertain people for hours continuous non-stop, so do not feel bored, and they can also come up with ideas very quickly, and that they are able to create an atmosphere of fun quickly.

Karimon and are good

Is born in the tower of the most good people and love to help others, especially the poor, they are not known for their selfishness, but on the contrary, like giving people what they had, and they can not see someone who needs help without submission to him, and they love to participate in community activities, they always what they going to engage in charities and activities that contribute to help the needy and the poor.


Is born in this tower of independent persons too who do not like to rely on one at all, it is because they refuse to finally be someone to control even a small part of their lives, so prefer the full autonomy that allows them to absolute freedom.

Disadvantages Gemini

Just as Gemini has born a lot of good qualities and characteristics; They also have some drawbacks, but the qualities may not include all of this was born in the tower, including: [2] [5]


Gemini is born of the most reluctant people, and this is due to the great intelligence which Adjalm things are analyzing very large, which leads them to know all the strengths and weaknesses in all things, what makes their choice of a particular thing is very difficult.

althvr valtsr

Pays the love of adventure was born in this tower to be reckless at times, which leads them to lose some of the things important in life, and their ability to adapt to anything that makes them hasty too, which leads them to change their minds in a very short time, in addition to that Their analysis of things considerably makes them make decisions reckless return they do not find the perfect choice quickly.

Lack of commitment

Does not like Gemini never commitment and pivoting about something specific, but like to see everything and any experience may give them a new sense, and it is also due to the high ability to cope with all the circumstances that may not be appropriate for other parties who communicate with them.


Is characterized by Gemini as already mentioned that they are curious too, but this curiosity may turn into a kind of intrusion if it exceeds alone, it is because they love to teach and learn about everything, but this may be troublesome at times for some Alochks who do not like to share everything with others.

Lack of interest

Is born Gemini people is Alatefaan really, this is due to the high ability to give up leading them to neglect sometimes and indifference to the needs of other feelings of the parties in their lives, because they do not concern them, they do not pertain to persons not perceived as a very important element in their lives.


Usually born Gemini desultory and Vozia in the traditional work, and do not have a sense of higher regulation, especially when it comes to work, he can not organize his affairs that will ensure him complete the best possible, and this is because he does not like to do something traditional, such as working routine, on the contrary, he loves the business and non-routine involving the great creativity that do not need to organize.


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