Advantages and disadvantages of Cancer

Advantages and disadvantages of Cancer


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Generates owners between June 21 Cancer - July 22, belongs the tower to the water element, as it continued to rule the moon, which makes it the most difficult towers and the most emotional and childish sensitivity and kindness, and ranked fourth in the circle of towers astronomical, and symbolized by the symbol crab, numbers luck are: 2, 3, 15 20. [1]

It believes that the owners of the towers that belong to the water element such as Pisces and Scorpio are able to build a strong and consistent relationships with cancer; As they are able to deal with their emotions and accept them, as well as the owners of the towers that belong to the earth element, such as the bull and the Virgin; Understanding with cancer make up a powerful binaries, while the owners of the towers that belong to the fire element, such as pregnancy and Assad may continue the relationship with difficulty with cancer, but they need to do a lot of effort to achieve happiness, but for their relationships with towers owners that belong to the air element, such as Gemini and Libra understanding never agree and their relationship will be full of challenges, and of course can not say in personal relationships relying solely on the analysis of the towers, these rules may not apply to all persons. [2]

Features Cancer

The advantage of the owner of Burj cancer a lot of good qualities that make it gentle and pleasant, including: [3]

  • Creativity: Enjoy with imagination can see things new and different aspects of making it an innovative and creative.
  • Passion: has a lot of feelings and emotions that can share with others, which is also what makes people can be trusted.
  • Sincerity: interested persons around him and stick to them and save them a lot and will not betray them or abandon them no matter what happens.
  • Tenderness: gives warmth and compassion for all thanks to his passion and high sensitivity and ability to share with those close to him, he is.
  • Intuition: it has a strong intuition that can detect the intentions and secrets of people around him, which is used as a defense mechanism for sensitivity towards them.
  • Giving: gives moral and emotional support to others, and sympathize with them even if they do not have a good relationship with them.
  • Persuasion: has a high ability to convince himself around him and his ideas. [1]
  • Protection: trying to protect the people around him, particularly individuals who love them from anything that might cause them to risk, and do all he can even keep them safely at all times. [4]

Disadvantages Cancer

His Cancer may possess a few of the features and qualities of unpleasant I have many, but it must be noted that these features may not be present in all people Almentmyin this tower, including: [3]

  • Mood: temperament has changed for the worse during moments if not felt appreciation for his passion or jealousy, but once you get something back to the happy temperament better during moments too.
  • Negative: see the negative side of the things that you get with him and is affected by easily often.
  • Sensitivity: it may be affected by the smallest of things, and it being very sensitive, and it makes characters that are not predictable and it is difficult to deal with them comfortably.
  • Fantasy: Sometimes a lot of Altvkerualastantajat relying on his imagination and his thoughts and feelings, which could put him in trouble and makes it annoying to those around him.
  • Doubt: tends to protect himself from the others so they are not exploited through doubt everyone to earn full confidence.
  • Resentment: You may make a lot of things are upset and angry, which adversely affects him and makes him worried, and this affects the people around him do not know where an easy way to please him.
  • Revenge: can not forgive and forgiveness of harm him and hurt his feelings, was seeking revenge for him sometimes. [4]

Family and Friendship at Cancer

Cancer is the family of its priorities and has strong family values ​​sticking to her and do not abandon them at all, and is keen to pass to his children well, and the advantage as well as high ability to safety give warmth to his family, and is ready to sacrifice everything in exchange for achieving happiness and comfort, and after his family's direct friends comes second on the list of priorities, he is known to his loyalty and intense devotion to them, people who feel comfortable near his family, and his friends and certifies that they are able to understand his feelings and appreciation of his emotions even gain confidence. [5]

Work at Cancer

Creates born Cancer in open work environments that allow it to take decisions and act freely and absolute, and prefers to work in roles that require movement and dealing directly with other people, so he thought to develop his passion and his skills, but his intuition and his passion may sometimes be an obstacle in the way its development and success in his work, born cancer and loves doing business serious and requiring him to make an effort to complete, has been reflected in the roles that rely on emotional communication such as psychiatry and marketing, and tends born cancer to work in office roles, and are often interested in providing money that covers their needs in Tam does not feel the need to own funds surplus to his needs and his family need. [6]

Love at Cancer

His cancer tower be very careful his relationships emotional often, and do not enter transient relationships dramatically even protect himself does not hurt his heart, and when the engagement relationship with emotional remains Mahtata before opening up completely with his partner, as it is strongly effective and continuous with his partner communication is estimated, and in some often it may be reticent even away the anxiety and fear, which is also not easily give up his love and cling firmly him, and Jesse struggled to stay with him for life, and cancer partner should be understanding and a good listener so they can build a love relationship successful and strong, and it should also be patient and open-minded about his emotions. [7]


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