Advantages and disadvantages of Aries

Advantages and disadvantages of Aries


  • 1 Aries
  • 2 features Aries 2.1 high self-confidence 2.2 leadership 2.3 Positive Energy 2.4 Courage 2.5 Creativity 2.6 ambition 2.7 love adventure 2.8 Sincerity 2.9 Independence
  • 2.1 high self-confidence
  • 2.2 leadership
  • 2.3 Positive Energy
  • 2.4 Courage
  • 2.5 Creativity
  • 2.6 ambition
  • 2.7 love adventure
  • 2.8 Sincerity
  • 2.9 Independence
  • 3 defects Aries 3.1 selfishness 3.2 love to draw attention 3.3 Anger 3.4 Modern monopoly 3.5 impulsive
  • 3.1 selfishness
  • 3.2 love to draw attention
  • 3.3 Anger
  • 3.4 Modern monopoly
  • 3.5 impulsive
  • 4 References


Generates pregnancy between 21 March tower owners to 19 of the month of April, which is one of the towers motorcycle, the first and arranged in a circle towers astronomical, and in line with the twin towers of the lion and the balance, and ruled by the planet Mars, and the lucky numbers are: 1, 8, 17 and will be addressed in this article to the advantages and disadvantages of this tower, but it must be noted that these qualities may not apply to all born in pregnancy. [1]

Features Aries

Born Aries is characterized by many of the qualities that make them different from the rest of the towers born, including: [2] [3] [4]

High self-confidence

Born in the tower enjoys a big self-confidence, and they do inspire people around them, and usually this will be capacity in all situations they are going through even if critical, why they enjoy full independence from those around them and retain the views of private strict them, which leads them to be pioneers for different things; Because they prefer to do things their own way to follow other people.


Is born in pregnancy leaders instinctively tower, they possess this trait naturally, which makes them perform their tasks successfully, it should be noted here that they make opportunities for themselves and others just do not sit to wait for opportunities, to be touched on their doorstep.

Positive energy

Has born pregnancy fantastic positive energy as well as they are full of energy and activity, and they retain their enthusiasm and their view of the optimistic life even in the darkest times, they do not leave their extreme positions coping and keep them away from work, but often resort to plans court in order to overcome the difficulties; Because they are convinced fully that must be for a person to pass the difficult positions, but that does not mean wasting time worrying about the past things, but must pay attention to its objectives and work to achieve them.


Is born in pregnancy of more people courage, they have a great power, so they like to fight the challenges and address them, and they are also not afraid for adopting serious steps in order to reach the summit, and they retain this capacity also in difficult situations, and do not give up because they are brave to always.


Loves baby boomers pregnancy discover new ways in order to accomplish their personal items, and this makes them do not like to do the traditional business and reject it; Because they suffer from the completion of tasks that require a special routine does not have the flexibility that makes it a place for creativity.


Is born in pregnancy of ambitious people too, they are always what they look forward and look for the best in their lives, they also know exactly what they want from life and what they want to reach, therefore, frustration is a difficult process too, they are not subject to surrender if they heard what they did not like.

adventure love

Loves baby boomers pregnancy experience new things constantly and are looking for constantly, so they tend to go to different adventures, and can also transform their enthusiasm regular events to exciting events where everyone enjoys.


Is born in pregnancy than most people are loyal to their loved ones, they are good friends and loyal too, and loved ones are loyal to their partners, and can keep secrets and Ev_unha at all, and therefore it must be people around them to respect this in them to remain what they are on it to meet.


Born in pregnancy away from dependence on others, they do not like this, but tend to full independence from those around them, they even when they need help, they do not Btalboha but are waiting for people who care about them the initiative to help and offer them.

Disadvantages Aries

Tower also has born pregnancy some of the negative qualities, including: [3] [5]


Pregnancy is born people egoists, when it comes to winning something they are fully prepared to do anything in order to achieve this win; This is because the most important thing for them is to develop themselves, working hard to get what they want, which makes them indifferent to the feelings of those around them on the pretext that they know most of them and have better skills.

Love to draw attention

Loves baby boomers pregnancy get the full attention of others and irritated when they do not find it, they are looking to be the center of attention always, and want to do everything better than the others and complete their tasks before them in order to draw attention, because of this understanding are making a lot of effort to resolve problems We face to complete all work on time.


Being born in pregnancy tantrums, unruly may be because of small things, they are people who taunted very easily, and do not know how to deal with anger, they begin to feel angry immediately when things are not going in the direction you want or when someone finding fault them in their work, as they do not like to receive a lot of proposals they make them feel angry.

Modern monopoly

Loves born Aries review of opinions and views on all things constantly, so they tend to argue a lot, and this is what makes them excel in politics, but some of the people around them believe that such a lock negative; Because they do not give space to others to talk and listen to them, but to talk to monopolize themselves, and that's what people might alienate and make them feel the difficulty of presence with them.


Born in pregnancy tends to take decisions hasty in order not to waste time in other options analysis, and do not look at the subject from different angles but only think about the outcome and take the decision according to her, but usually find out soon after that their decisions were not the best options in front of them.


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