Action Watercress Oil

Action Watercress Oil


  • 1 modus operandi of watercress oil 1.1 components and equipment 1.2 Preparation 1.3 Benefits of oil Watercress Hair
  • 1.1 Almkvnat equipment
  • 1.2 Preparation
  • 1.3 Benefits of oil Watercress Hair

Modus operandi of watercress oil

Attend the watercress oil from watercress plant which is classified as leafy vegetables category, consisting of a wide range of elements necessary for the body, preferably the use of fresh watercress in recipes oil preparation; Being rich in vitamins following: B, C, E; To maintain food, as well as its properties because it contains many minerals important, such as calcium, zinc, iron, so a lot of people want to add to the authorities and some appetizers, to give the taste is delicious, as is useful in treating some health problems, both for the body or hair, and strengthen the body and rid it of harmful toxins, and his watercress oil from many consisting of vitamins necessary for health and body, such as vitamin c, a, which is described as effective as treatment for hair growth problems, we will learn in this article on the modus operandi of watercress oil, and its benefits for human health.

Almkvnat equipment

  • Original coconut oil, (and the most important characteristics of hardness).
  • Fresh Arugula package.
  • An electric mixer.
  • Time and cups.
  • A piece of cotton clean.
  • Regular presentation tray (tea or coffee).
  • Regular kitchen strainer, with large openings.
  • Glass bowl for keeping oil in it.
  • Aluminum dish.

How to prepare

  • Clean Watercress package and washed thoroughly with water, and put them in the refinery to get rid of the water, and taking into account a good move from time to time to ensure that no damage.
  • Arranges watercress in the tea tray to dry washing of water with constant stirring to dry completely.
  • Watercress is placed in a blender and add a coconut oil and mix completely to get a smooth blend.
  • Pour the watercress mixture in the dishes.
  • It keeps the mixture in the container glass and governs closed, and kept in a dark room.
  • It turns Watercress after a short period of mixed to solid state, so that its shape and texture, such as margarine.
  • If you want to use this oil, a small amount by the desire placed in a bath watery, or put it in a glass or plastic bowl and suitable Ngtish in hot water, and this mixture dissolves completely.
  • In the case of the mixture of solid-state transformed into a liquid state re-tighten it closed, and returned to the dark room, which was preserved, and can repeat this step for two or three days.
  • Then it becomes Arugula oil liquid state, and then filtered by a piece of cotton clean to get rid of impurities and sediments.
  • Wash the container (jar) to keep him Watercress oil.
  • You can use a microwave oven or water bath to melt the watercress oil.

Benefits of Watercress Hair Oil

  • Hair extension and strengthening Besellath.
  • It reduces hair loss.
  • It prevents the appearance of dandruff in the hair.
  • It regulates the blood circulation of the head, so by putting watercress oil and massage the scalp, for a period not more than one hour.


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