Access to Google Account

Access to Google Account


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Google Google

Google is a global company, many electronic services produced, the most famous Google search engine, which gives a great opportunity for researchers on the Internet to get information to the subject of their research, are fast and diversified easy, and without having to create an account to use the search service of this, in addition to Google provide electronic services using many languages, being a global non-proliferation and use, and other services provided by months is a Google account, which has great features will be displayed in this article.

Access to Google Account

Access to the Google account from multiple web pages belonging to Google, such as:

  • Home Page Google own search, which displays the top of the page several words for certain links, we choose which word Gemmell Gmail, and then we click on it to take us to another page requesting Google account address and password, or create a new account if we do not have an account.
  • YouTube, which we find at the top of his right or his left (depending on the language of your browser) logon password Sign in, and when you move them to the same page, which moved us to Google page in the previous point.
  • Go directly to the following address (, where you can directly access Google account, or create a new account by following the following explanation.

The way to create Google Account

  • Access to the address in any way you like.
  • Click Create Account (Create account).
  • Start filling out the fields in front of you as appropriate, starting with the end of the name and status signal is true in front of the sentence that recognizes where you agree to the terms and policies of Google service.
  • After making sure that you have filled all fields with the correct information, click the next step Next step.
  • Now you have created a Google account, but Google account you can enjoy many services the same this account, so it will take you to another page to complete the account settings and determine what you want from Google exactly, and can skip these settings and go directly to the e-mail account Google settings, and start using it.

Services offered by Google Account

You can own an account in Google to take advantage of the many services offered by Google Inc., such as:

  • The use of e-mail in Google, send and receive messages, and save many of the content you want on Hssabk, where gives you a very large storage space.
  • The use of the social networking service Google Plus Google+.
  • Use Google Services Drive Drive.
  • The use of YouTube, videos and raise it, or create a channel on YouTube, as well as to subscribe to other channels are present on it, as can profit from YouTube, if the contract with the company Google.


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