Abu cooking method scalp

Abu cooking method scalp


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Abu scalp

People usually flock to buy large quantities of chestnuts, or the so-called Abu scalp to be covered during the winter times, they are considered very tasty, especially when the grill, and consists fruit usually chestnut from a hard shell and then scalp surround the inner core in, what distinguishes chestnut when barbecuing is to hear the voice of pop and driven from their place due to the liberalization of air bubbles that you book the crust, and this must be a right way to cook Abu scalp Bchou or boiled and sometimes enter into spices and confectionery industry, but much prefer the way is the famous Abu Shui scalp.

Way Shui Abu scalp

  • Bring a kilo of Abu scalp or by what you Thtegenh and your family to eat, doctrinaire on the wound grain chestnut by the knife to make small incisions in the bean, and grill national using the oven or coal, and when using the oven doctrinaire on heating at 190 °, and Put Abu scalp in Chinese , and national Bchoua for a quarter of an hour until it changes the color of the crust, and then Qlbhe to mature on the other side, while coal put them on the clasped barbecue and Achuiha for ten minutes, and Qlbhe from time to time to mature and change the color of the crust, then crusty Abu scalp and put it in a dish Serve hot and presentation, and next to the butter, honey and Indulge taste delicious.

Boil Abu scalp


  • Half a kilo of Abu scalp.
  • Three cups of water.
  • Half teaspoon salt.

How to prepare:

  • Make incisions in the form of longitudinal lines in the fruit knife, and put them in lukewarm water until the boil over medium heat, and after the boil for fifteen minutes, Arfieha of water and put them in a tray.
  • Achuiha in the oven for fifteen minutes, and after mature Okhreigna from the oven and peel easily.

Preparing Abu scalp microwave

This method does not need much time to mature Alkestnh, everything you need is the work of cracks in the fruit and put them in the microwave for three to five minutes with stirring and making sure maturity.

Upturned Abu scalp Turkish


  • Two pieces of chicken breast.
  • Four cups of rice soaked.
  • Chicken broth.
  • Ten beads Abu scalp boiled.
  • Two grains Grated Islands.
  • Cup chickpeas boiled.
  • Cup raisins.
  • ¼ cup oil.
  • Salt, Spices.

How to prepare:

  • Heat the oil in the pan and grated carrots my heart for five minutes, then add the soaked and also toss the rice with carrots and add the amount of raisins and set aside.
  • Place in a pot of cooking the chicken pieces and add it beads chestnut and boiled chickpeas, and finally add the amount of rice, and pour over it the amount of chicken broth and cover the pot and piperaceae the normal way that Ttbouka the Inverted.

Video mode Shui Alkestnh

To learn more information about how Shui Alkestnh watched the video.


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