About Capricorn

About Capricorn


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  • 1.1 way of thinking
  • 1.2 passion and love
  • 1.3 appropriate jobs
  • 1.4 friendship
  • 1.5 The family was born in Capricorn

Recipes Capricorn

Capricorn is the tower tenth in the zodiac circle, passing the sun from the tower in December 22 to January 20 and is considered Capricorn in astrology floor sign negative sign, as and to identify the qualities born Capricorn be difficult in general, because it is complex and personal character discreet, sharp foul, and capable of confrontation, nor despair of their demands and dreams, and secure perseverance and effort to reach success, personality shy soft and sometimes people accuse of reactionary, and conceal his secret and not disclose it to anyone, and shows people happiness and joy always, it is also a personal estimated liability, many pranks and Da'ab, personal childish in some situations, and serious in other situations, and prefer silence and listen to others speak and participate.

way of thinking

Someone stubborn, and fixed on the positions, the believer Ptvkirh and his decisions, and ambitious, and loyal, and patient, and listen to others to view, but remains firm on his mind and it is very difficult to deviate from his conviction, do not rush to take his decisions Rose actions; So as to reach the right decision in matters of his life, and this is what distinguishes born in Capricorn, as lucky success, despite the delay.

Passion and love

Born Capricorn is characterized by devotion to Habib, and take responsibility seriously, but he does not like quickly and easily, and stagger in the beloved choice, and choose quietly without clutter, and can control the relationship, although the luck it will be in love and be happy in it, but he always seeks to stability and build a family and marriage.

Suitable jobs

Preferably born Capricorn routine jobs tower, which is where there is a lot of movement and fatigue management Kalozaiv hand and functions that need a simple movement.


It is born in Capricorn personalities that values ​​friendship greatly, he is loyal to his friend a person, his assistant and the good, as is the righteous person essential in his life, supporting his friend in all positions of his life, and help him to overcome his problems and concerns, as will be beside him in his happiness and sadness, and takes the opinion of a friend and respects his decisions without any charge, with all its potential is trying to please him, he is in person to a friend.

The family was born in Capricorn

Born Capricorn is very sacred family relationships, as respected and respects his parents and considers them of the most important people in his life, and respects their decisions and try to satisfy them in any way, likes to go out with the family and family atmosphere, and seeks to increase the love and affection between them and stability, away from disintegration and hatred and hatred.


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