About bodybuilding

About bodybuilding


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  • 1.3 The benefits of bodybuilding
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Bodybuilding, one of the sports that rely on the principle of amplifying the muscles of the body and highlight the player; To be able to review and compare with competitors to him; Competition and be according to a set of specific rules which are considered as a relative judgment; Include: density; Specifically, the clarity, the color of the skin, giving the competitors points by seven referees are to arrange them in descending order centers; And receive the title and winning the fewest number of points; In contrast to other sports.

It is worth mentioning that the sport of bodybuilding is not limited to the importance of promoting the health of the competitor; But beyond that shown to the best forms; Where the player brings the confidence level of appearance; This sport has been a golden ticket for many people to stardom; Including the Austrian player Coarzinger.

Naming bodybuilding

Naming the sport varies among peoples; Some of them known to the sport of iron; Sports wrestlers; Thanks to the Egyptians, primarily in objects called perfection; Where translate them into Arabic in the forties of the twentieth century; The name began to spread dramatically in my contract seventies and eighties of the twentieth century.

Known sport of bodybuilding also known as physical culture, in Spain, Italy, France, Bulgaria, and Russia, while in Arab countries learn to build objects or bodybuilding, while called in Bahrain, Tunisia physical education name.

Date of bodybuilding

History suggests that the game of bodybuilding has emerged during the period of time between the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century; It is so universally old sports.

It is noteworthy that the German Eugen Sandow was the first created this game; Where he presents a physically to his muscles at the sight of the public in the city of London on the fourteenth of the month of October of 1925, and states that he has worked to produce a musical film offers a brief overview of the life of this man in 1936, and won the film Academy Award.

It is noteworthy that the fourteenth month of September 1901; Was the first generator of contests show muscle; And met with popular acclaim and immense; In 1904; Competition was organized to display the muscles again in New York City; The competition for the pioneers of these reviews and hosted from various regions of the American States descendants.

The following period of the aftermath of the Second World War is the vogue sport of bodybuilding; Widen the scope of their popularity; Which showed many American myths that represent the sport through the media; As Psobr Man and Spider-Man and others; And then started to national and international tournaments specialized gradually regulate; Especially the world championship bodybuilding amateur.

The benefits of bodybuilding

  • Help the player to get rid of back pain; This comes as a result of varying weights to carry.
  • The body gives a beautiful look.
  • Keeps the skin; And delay the onset of the signs of aging.
  • Improved mood.
  • Increase the flexibility of muscles and strengthen it.
  • Pulls the body and freeing him from the harmful fats.
  • Raise the levels of burning sugar and calories in the body.

Damage bodybuilding

  • The incidence of chronic headaches.
  • Bleeding nose.
  • High blood pressure levels.
  • The high proportion of blood cholesterol.
  • Incidence of certain heart diseases.


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