Abe weakened quickly

Abe weakened quickly


  • 1 follow a specific plan
  • 2 division diets
  • 3 to reduce the intake of sugars and starches
  • 4 healthy foods
  • 5 define logical and staging goals
  • 6 example of a fast diet for a week
  • 7 References

Follow a specific plan

Anyone who needs in order to alleviate the weight quickly follow a plan based on the burning of calories obtained from eating different foods and beverages, and this plan includes the following steps: [1]

  • Find out how many calories you should get in a normal day, and try to reduce them to a minimum.
  • Read food labels to find out the number of calories in each meal.
  • The proportion of drinking more water until man thinks that he does not feel hungry while he feels thirsty only.
  • Working with a dietitian to develop a plan covering all food needs and follow-up in it.

Division of diets

You must eat at different times of the day in order to lose weight, and the division of meals to 5-6 meals a day in order to ease the feeling of hunger, preferably calories evenly divided in these meals should be small, or make calories ratio in some meals more others with the need to maintain balance. [1]

Reduce the intake of sugars and starches

The most important step in the slimming process is to reduce the proportion of sugars and starches (carbohydrates) eaten during the day, thus getting fewer calories, begins with the body then getting too fat food stored instead of burning carbohydrates for energy, and this leads to the reduce insulin levels and get rid of excess sodium and water needed for the body. [2]

Eating healthy foods

  • Must contain each meal a sufficient amount of protein, and for protein can eat meat or fish and seafood, or eggs, as eating boosts the metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day, as can food diet rich in protein to reduce cravings eat 60%, and to reduce the human desire to eat late at night. [2]
  • You should eat low carbohydrate vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, and cucumbers. [2]
  • Be careful to eat fat sources such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and butter. [2]

Identify logical objectives and staging

When developing a plan to reduce the weight should be short-term goals, and try to achieve them separately and gradually in order to reach the goal after which is a little harder, for example, you can reduce the proportion of fat that is ingested gradually rather than reduce them at once, as this helps to commit more to achieve big goals at once. [3]

An example of a fast diet for a week

Can follow the fast military dieting effect system, which reduces the weight of about 4.5 kg per week, it requires this diet to follow a diet low in calories for three days a week, while in the other four days, you should eat healthy food, with the need to reduce the calories ratio , and examples of the military diet plan presented in the following table: [4]

  • In the first three days:
  • The following four days: You can eat any kind of meals provided to reduce the size of meals, not to increase the proportion of thermal calories in food 1500 calories.


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