5 things your child adjust hours sleep

5 things your child adjust hours sleep

Many children tired of their mothers during the long night ensuring, especially infants of them, so we will talk in this article about some of the steps that must be followed to the mother to make her sleep quietly.

Baby needs hours sleep enough, good food until his body growth is complete. This makes it easier to achieve during the day; Where it is possible to sleep a child for several hours and then wake up for food and play a little bit, and goes back to sleep. During the night the situation is getting worse because it never sleeps, it is possible to continue to cry for a long time and late night.

Mother can determine whether or not her child active through his movement inside her womb during her pregnancy it; If many of the movement will be as well as after birth. So what are the solutions that women had to organize her child sleep during the night.

Steps adjust your child's sleep clock

  • Oiqzi your child in a normal time of the early morning, and get him to sleep more in order to compensate for the night Evening, or to Tawwada you sleep; Because you Stdfien the price of this sleep the next night.
  • Give your baby bath morning, and his clothes to come out my change from sleeping clothes.
  • Play with your child as much as you can during the day, Bring him games, and open the windows of his room, even though not slept Taatrkih for a long time but Oiqzih to Tertahi night.
  • Curtains unfasten your child's room, and Marcie usual Dgejk Kalhadit on the phone, or the sound of the washing machine or dishwasher detergent; Until it becomes your baby's sleep lightly and feel, including around and wake up quickly.
  • Do not play with your child at night, and kept his room dark, and try to be quiet, and talk slowly and Taathrki and boredom in order to keep up his cool.
  • I do not mind changing the routine and give your child some of the massage and massage, and his story READ before bedtime, and that Talpsih sleep wear.
  • Do not Taosa from following what has been mentioned, a few days this process may take up with the use of the stick sometimes, and then your child will know that the day for fun, play and talk with the parents, and that night to rest and sleep.


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