5 foods fight insomnia

5 foods fight insomnia


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Many people suffer from the problem of insomnia that prevent them from enjoying a quiet and comfortable sleep during the night, causing the feeling of laziness and drowsiness during the day, insomnia may occur as a result of several reasons; The most important: a lot of drinking beverages containing a high percentage of stimuli; Such as: coffee, tea, or because of eating heavy meals at dinner, or because of smoking, which contains nicotine, which causes stir the brain and the incidence of insomnia, forcing them to look for solutions in various possible ways, such as: drugs which are characterized as costly and ineffective in sometimes, note that it is possible to get rid of this problem by eating some natural foods that Snarafkm in this article.

Five foods fights insomnia


Fish is one of the foods that contain many nutrients important for the body's health and safety, as they contain acids, omega-3, in addition to tryptophan, which stimulates the body to sleep, rest, by maintaining the stability of emotions, reduce stress, and thus stabilize the situation psychological, and mood, it also helps to get rid of the disease age, relieves asthma, shortness of breath, as fish contain iodine, which activates the memory.


Nuts contain many nutrients; Such as magnesium which converts glucose into energy, protein, nuts also increase the proportion of serotonin; It is a hormone produced by the brain when a person feeling happy; It also contains a compound Almilanonan that causes a feeling of drowsiness.


Is cherry fruit that contains many benefits to the body, and most importantly: it contains a high proportion of compound melatonin, which increases secretion in the dark, and helps to get rid of stress problems, excessive emotion, and to take advantage of it to get rid of insomnia is recommended to drink a cup of sour cherry juice every morning before eating breakfast, and another cup of it in the evening, for a week, where he sleep for half a period of more than an hour, as it improves the quality of sleep, increases the feeling of comfort, and thus to get rid of insomnia problems.

the banana

Contributes to eating bananas enjoy a comfortable sleep and quiet, because it contains many of the elements; Such as: material tryptophan, which raises the level of serotonin hormone known happiness hormone, which helps to get rid of anxiety and nervous tension, it also contains potassium, which plays a major role in the extent of depth of sleep at night.


It helps celery to fight insomnia, stress, because it contains many of the elements; Kalmgnysiom, aromatic oils that calms nerves, so it is advisable to eat a meal of it in the evening before bedtime.

Video for insomnia

To learn more information about insomnia and Is it a disease or not watch the video.


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